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How to write an essay about my best friend

Apr 24, 2018

It's the people who don't recognize the racism within themselves that can be the most damaging because they don't see it. Sterling K. Brown

And the reason is not only that we were in Chtistmas Berlin, but also our jolly crowd. We all know that the quality of our rest straight depends on the people who are with us. I will not tell about Berlin and its beauty, I’d better tell about one splendid person. Because of her, I was in fairy tale. When I looked at her for the first time, my thought was “What a sunny, miraculous and brightly person! Her charming smile and ringing laugh does not leave you indifferent and gives a good mood for all day. Her smile is so sincere and favorable, that you can forget about all your problems at once. In addition, you cannot but surely notice her fascinating big brown eyes. They are so attractive and delicious as the tastiest chocolate in the world. You can watch into her eyes steadily, because it bewitches you. Looking into her eyes, you see the ambitious, cheerful and sensible person. Her eyebrows underline her significant eyes and facial features.

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Her full sexy lips draw your attention, show you, that she is so kind, romantic, sympathetic person, that you at once can confide in her, and tell her everything you want; you will be sure, your secrets are in safety. I cannot but say about her little, exact, straight nose. As people say, if the person has high forehead, this person is clever. I am inclined to certain this statement is completely about my friend. All this tremendous shape is supplemented with her luxuriant, long, flaring, soft, silky with delicious smell dark brown hair.

Her peculiarity as not only in her beauty, but also in her height. She is of small stature, compact and cute. If I were a man, I would dote on her all the time. Moreover, you will notice her Quinn carriage and all her woman’s breasts. As you have already understand, she looks like a princess from fairy tale. I am very happy and proud, that I have so easy-going, chatty, considerate, likable, reliable, romantic, wise friend. She made my Christmas fairy tale. She always makes me positive in any situation. Such friends are priceless.

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Friendships are one of the most important things you can get out of life. It’s something that everyone has to have because without it we would all go insane. Just think if no one talked to each other and we never made friends, this world would be a ticking time bomb. Studies say human need friendships and love to survive. So friendship is a big part of your life.
There is no real definition of friendship, because there’s no one way you can define it. Friendships can mean many different things, depending on the person. Friendship to you may be your boyfriend or your mom. To someone else it may be their cousin or someone they met on at school. It can take you a long time to consider someone your friend. Maybe you have to get to know them before you become their friend. Some people have had very bad experiences with friendships and may be scared to become friends with someone to fast. So it may take some time for some people to make friends. Maybe you can become friends with someone a couple of day after ya’ll meet. You may be one of the people who have never had any problems with friends, so you trust people more. Are maybe your someone who’s scared of being alone so you need friends there to help you cope with your fear.
To have a good friendship you have to have trust. If you don’t trust your friend, well they’re not really your friend. I think you should be able to tell your friend anything that come to your head. Whenever you have something you need to talk about and you can’t tell anyone you should be able to tell your friend. When trusting someone you should be able to leave them with your most prized possession and not once think twice about whether it’s in safe hands. You should feel very comfortable by your ...

... middle of paper ...

...and goal oriented people you will most likely get the best out of life. If you decide to surround yourself with negative people who don’t have anything to look forward to in life, then you’re setting yourself up to be unsuccessful. Those negative people will try their hardest to bring you down with them.
Growing up in school you have your friends in 1st, then in Jr. High, and then when you get to high school you might not even know or see your friends from 1st grade anymore. For the few people who’s had a friend from 1st grade till college I think that someone they need to hold on to because if they stuck with you through all them year I know they’re there for the right reason and there not just there for a season. As Elizabeth Dunphy says, “It’s the little things that matter, that add up in the end, with the priceless thrilling magic found only in a friend.”

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images friendIf you’d like your students to see others’ strengths and those well as their own, try this writing lesson.  By focusing on the positive, children gain greater understanding and empathy. At the same time they are learning the common core standard of how to write a compare and contrast essay.

Objective: The learner will practice compare & contrast writing by creating an essay which illustrates how they are similar and different from their best friend.

Materials: Paper, pencils, white board or electronic whiteboard, lists of compare and contrast vocabulary.


  1. Go over the parts of a paragraph:
    1. Topic Sentence: Tells what the entire paragraph is about.
    2. Supporting Details: Sentences that support/prove the topic.
    3. Conclusion: a creative sentence at the end that adds up all ideas.
    4. Tell the students that they are going to write a special kind of paragraph, called Compare and Contrast which shows how two things are the same and different.
    5. Display lists of compare/contrast vocabulary. (See below.)
    6. Tell the students that they are going to write their own compare/contrast paragraph comparing themselves to a best friend.

If desired the following Venn diagram could be used:Venn-Diagram[2]

  1. List of compare/contrast words and phrases for board: different, same, similar to, in comparison, in contrast, in common, one difference, on the other hand, however, thus.
  2. Go over how to begin multi-paragraph essays with an opening paragraph with a thesis statement, body paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details, and a closing paragraph with a conclusion.
  3. Use the graphic organizer to guide students to write an essay. A sample frame might be as follows:

      Are you like your best friend? Have you ever compared and contrasted yourself with your best friend? Do you like finding the similarities and differences with him/her? My best friend, ___and I are both alike and different in many ways.

      ________ and I have many things in common. We both____ In addition, we share the characteristic of _________He/she enjoys ___________just like me

      My best friend and I are different too. On the one hand __________likes________but I enjoy_________. Another difference is that I____but___does not.

      Lots of people notice how that they are the same and different from their best friends. Although ______and I share some things but not others, we both love to hang out. It is awesome being his/her friend.

  1. Students write essay, remembering to indent, capitalize, and put in end


Evaluation: Were students able to complete the essay with correct compare/contrast vocabulary?

I’ve had students then read their essays to the class. The pride of sharing that finished product shines on their faces!


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