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Writing a strong thesis statement worksheet

Apr 28, 2018

A thesis statement presents the hypothesis or argument that you will be defending in your academic paper or essay. It is an unproved statement that acts as the premise of your project or paper. The purpose of your essay or paper is to present relevant evidence for supporting your thesis statement. As such, without a strong thesis statement you cannot write a good paper or essay because everything in the project should evolve from and surround the stated thesis statement. Therefore, it is important to create a good, strong thesis statement while writing any academic paper or essay.

Using a good worksheet for a thesis statement enables you to craft a thesis statement that is:

Always remember that a thesis statement is one of the most important unifying forces of an essay or paper. It holds different parts of an essay or paper together by presenting your interest on a subject while pointing readers and you towards the development of your essay or paper. Therefore, using a worksheet for a thesis statement is very important because it enables you to craft a robust and effective thesis statement that will act like a strong guide for you and the readers.

Developing a Strong Thesis Statement Worksheet

Research Writing – Research Process

Test your knowledge with this Thesis Statement Worksheet that addresses the strength of example statements. Ten exercises let you practice recognizing when a thesis is well-developed and when it needs more clarification to aid with your research writing.

Developing a Strong Thesis Statement


For the exercises below, evaluate each example thesis statement. State the reason for each choice.

Guidelines for the first five exercises:

Strong = The thesis statement is well-developed and has a clear main point.
Needs work = The thesis statement could work with revisions and more clarification.
Inadequate = The thesis statement is poorly written, unfocused and/or weak.

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Thesis Statement Writing Worksheets

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Developing a Strong Thesis Statement Worksheet |

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Thesis statement worksheet

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Thesis Statements

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