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Edexcel physics coursework examples

Mar 11, 2018

Guidance notes on experimental work.

Section 1 – Treatment of uncertainties in Physics at AS and A2 level


One of the main aims of the practical work undertaken in GCE Physics is for candidates to

develop a feeling for uncertainty in scientific data. Some of the treatment that follows may

appear daunting. That is not the intention. The estimates of uncertainties that are required in


is sp





n are mo

re in th

e na


re of ed



ed gu



s th

an st





y so



calculations. It is the intention that candidates be introduced early in the course to estimating

uncertainties so that by the time their work is assessed, they have a relaxed attitude to it. The

sections in PH1 on density determinations and resistivity are ideal for this.



Uncertainty in measurements is unavoidable and estimates the range within which the answer 

is li


ly to lie. Th

is is us



y ex




d as an ab



te va


e, bu

t can be gi


n as a


The normal way of expressing a measurement



, with its uncertainty,


, is





. This means

that the true value of the measurement is likely to lie in the range










 Note: The term “error” is used in many textbooks instead of uncertainty. This term implies

that something has gone wrong and is therefore best avoided.

Uncertainties can be split up into two different categories:


Random uncertai


– These occur in any measured quantity. The uncertainty of 

each reading cannot be reduced by repeat measurement but the more measurements

which are taken, the closer the mean value of the measure

ments is likely to be to the

“true” value of the quantity. Taking repeat readings is therefore a way of reducing the


of random uncertainties.


Systematic uncertainties

– These can be due to a fault in the equipment, or design of 

the experiment e.g. possible zero error such as not taking into account the resistance

of the leads when measuring the resistance of an electrical component or use of a ruler 

at a different temperature from the one at which it is calibrated. The effect of these

cannot be reduced by taking repeat readings. If a systematic uncertainty is suspected,

it must be tackled either by a redesign of the experimental technique or theoretical





. An ex



e of th

is so

rt of un





, th

e or


in of wh


h re




mysterious, is in the determination of stellar distances by parallax. The differences

 between the distances, as determined by different observatories, often exceeds the

standard uncertainties by a large margin.

Percentage uncertainty

This is the absolute uncertainty expressed as a percentage of the best estimate of the true

value of the quantity.


This is the smallest quantity to which an instrument can measure

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Edexcel a level physics coursework example

Edexcel a level physics coursework example

Edexcel a level physics coursework example

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