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Gcse geography coursework coasts example

Apr 9, 2018

Your controlled assessment is worth 25% of your final grade.  This year's topic is on:

Investigate a hard and/or soft engineering strategy(ies) used to manage a stretch of coastline


2000 Words maximum

Introduction and methods – 800 words – in CLASSROOM CONTROLLED CONDITIONS

Data presentation (tables graphs etc) – in CLASSROOM  CONTROLLED CONDITIONS

Analysis, conclusions and evaluation – 1200 words – in EXAM STYLE CONTROLLED CONDITIONS


Publish your Coursework

Data collected in the field provides an invaluable contemporary and historical resource that can form the basis and inspiration for further studies.

Assist future students and at the same time enhance your University entrance application and Curriculum Vitae by publishing the data from your Barcelona geography fieldwork on this site.

Your coursework will be credited to you and will remain your intellectual property. It cannot be copied or used in any way without your express written permission. It will be published in pdf format, and encrypted to prevent unauthorised copying and printing.

Data including text and images should be sent by email to:

Please note that email addresses on this site are protected to avoid abuse by spammers. You will need a JavaScript-enabled browser to see the email addresses.

Word documents and images in jpg or gif format can be uploaded directly to this site by clicking here.

Please give your full name and school address, together with your study title. We will inform you when your work is published, together with the URL of the page where it may be found. Your email address will not be shown without your permission.

Examples of recent student GCSE geography coursework ('How and Why is Land Use changing in the inner city district of El Raval, Barcelona?' by Jung Hoon Lee and Mitzi Laszlo van Harreveld, Kensington School, GCSE Geography Edexcel Syllabus A) can be found in the menu to the left. Both are in read-only encryption format.

A Level coursework examples include 'Has the Universal Forum of Cultures improved the quality of life in La Mina, Barcelona?' by Ross Jones and 'How and why does the quality of life differ between the Diagonal Mar and La Mina districts of Barcelona?' by Niu Yi Qiao.

The file sizes are large so please be patient!

Click above to download the specification from the exam board. We use the AQA exam board. This document lists everything that might come up in the exams. Read through and use it as a check list to make sure you have covered everything in your revision plan.  Remember, the specification will also show all of the topics (you only need to cover the selected topics that we have taught as part of your revision).

Need a revision guide?

Author:  CGP



All students are issued with a username and password for Kerboodle , which provides a complete electronic copy of the course textbook used in class. Fallibroome’s “institution code” (required to log in) is

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