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Sample dissertation proposal defense

Apr 26, 2018

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Example of dissertation proposal pdf 

Example of dissertation proposal pdf 

Example of dissertation proposal pdf 



Example of dissertation proposal pdf 

Dissertation proposal template Word doc. Example of contents page PDF opens in new window.

example of dissertation proposal pdf 

Example of title page PDF.A Sample Mixed Methods Dissertation Proposal. NOTE: This proposal is included in the ancillary

materials of Research. Methodology and Procedure A Sample Qualitative Dissertation Proposal.

sample of dissertation proposal pdf 

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Microsoft Word to Create education in algeria pdf Theses or Dissertations.

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thesis proposal to the defense and. Documents must be in pdf format, with fonts attached to the file.Sample Qualitative Research

Proposal. Colaizzis data analysis method appears to be an appropriate methodology.Below are three examples of PhD proposals

submitted by UNE doctoral. Research question, what literature to search and read and what research methodology.RCD MA Thesis

Proposal Example PDF. Dissertation Proposal Example 1 PDF Dissertation Proposal Example 2 PDF Facebook.A Dissertation

Proposal for the Doctoral Degree in English at Lehigh. Worth of literary examples of teachers practicing their profession. Thesis

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example phd proposal pdf 

13 Ingredients of for Writing a Winning Dissertation Proposal. To you and society, and specify at least two concrete examples of 

the problem. Please note: ааThis is a sample PhD thesis proposal for the School of Geography. Students as an example of the length

and format of a past, accepted proposal, but it should not be. Research Methodology.Example of thesis proposal methodology.

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The purpose of the dissertation proposal defense is to assure that your plan of researching your proposed research question is complete and holds academic merit. Students work closely with their supervisory committees in determining the composition of the dissertation proposal and in writing the proposal.


At least six weeks prior to the dissertation proposal defense, the candidate contacts Student Services to confirm the members of their supervisory committee. This would include the addition of a non-University of Washington external faculty member if previously agreed upon.

The candidate schedules a date, a time, and a room for the dissertation proposal defense. The candidate also submits details regarding the dissertation proposal defense to the iSchool web calendar, the PhD program chair, and Student Services.

At least two weeks before the scheduled proposal defense date, the final written proposal must be submitted to all members of the supervisory committee. The voting members of the committee, in consultation with the student, determine the length and outline the structure of the defense.

The proposal defense is a public event. However, the deliberations of the supervisory committee are private. The supervisory committee records an official decision using the dissertation proposal defense form.

Once the proposal has been defended and accepted, the candidate is cleared to finish writing the dissertation. The candidate submits one paper copy and one PDF version of the dissertation proposal to Student Services.

More Information

As a Ph.D. candidate, you will create a dissertation proposal that summarizes your motivation to research a topic. Once your proposal is ready, you will present it to your dissertation committee for approval. Taking time to organize your research, create a presentation and ready yourself for questions can help you prepare for a successful dissertation proposal defense.

Dissertation Draft

While requirements will vary among universities and departments, a few general guidelines apply to all dissertation proposals. Your proposal should serve as a road map for your upcoming research. The fundamental elements within a solid dissertation proposal are a title, abstract, introduction, objectives, literature review, statement of research question, methods, discussion and bibliography. Ask for copies of recent proposals from students who have passed their proposal defense to help you prepare.

Prior to your proposal defense, all committee members must fully read your proposal. First, submit a copy of your dissertation proposal to your committee chair for a preliminary review and revision. After his approval, submit this material to the other members of your committee at least two weeks in advance of your defense. This provides them with enough time to prepare edits and agree on your proposal prior to your defense.

Determine Expectations

Each university has its own specific guidelines for a dissertation proposal defense. Check with your committee chair and department to confirm your specific guidelines. At Purdue University's Hispanic linguistics department, for example, a dissertation proposal defense consists of a 20- to 30-minute presentation that includes handouts or a graphics presentation. At Baylor University’s geology department, students provide a formal 30- to 40-minute presentation that summarizes the objectives, methodology, timetable and budget for their dissertation. When preparing your presentation, ensure that you address what the study is, why it is relevant, how you plan to perform the research and when you intend to complete the work. Your proposal is your opportunity to convince your advisory committee that your topic is important enough to receive funding and that you have a reasonable chance of completing it successfully. Prepare yourself to give this presentation without a set of notes. This demonstrates to your committee that you have an in-depth understanding of your topic.

Prepare Questions

Following your presentation, you will field questions from your committee to identify possible problems with your proposed research and to examine ways to improve your dissertation. Your committee is looking for you to have a clear understanding of your proposed research methodology. Prepare your answers to the following questions ahead of time: the purpose of your research; why you want to conduct this research; how you plan to perform your research; and when you intend to conduct the research. Be prepared to describe the methods you propose for collecting and analyzing data and be able to convince your committee that these methods are appropriate.

Know the Literature

During your dissertation proposal defense, you are not expected to present research results. Yet, you should be familiar with statistical literature related to your proposed research topic. Your committee wants evidence that your dissertation will be a high quality, original document and that you have statistical knowledge, technical skills and motivation to produce a reputable dissertation. Review relevant material and be able to reference this literature if asked.

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