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Using cell phones in class essay help

May 26, 2018

In this weekend’s special education issue of the Sunday Magazine, an article about cellphones quotes a father describing why he doesn’t want his 11-year-old son, Andreas, to have one: “It’s distracting; it’s a diversion…He needs to be concentrating on his schoolwork.” The article then goes on to describe ways in which schools and students might use cellphones for teaching and learning. Do you have a cellphone? Does it distract you from your schoolwork? What might you say to convince your parents and/or teachers that cellphones can be educational tools?

In “Dial-a-Class,” Elizabeth Green writes:

At [a free camp held at the New York Hall of Science in Queens this summer]…children used Nexus One smartphones, and with the help of probes that zipped bluetooth signals to the phones, the children tested the air for carbon dioxide, particulate matter and noise pollution. Andreas’s job was to use his phone to measure contaminants from idling buses and vans. (New York City requires drivers to turn off their engines when they stop for any significant period near a school.) Andreas and his team found buses idling for as long as 14 minutes.

The project was part of an experiment by the New Youth City Learning Network, which takes as a premise that most children already exist in a digital world. The network is strongly interested in mobile devices: “Anytime-anywhere-anyhow learning” is how its co-founder, Diana Rhoten, describes it. “You can’t do that stuck to your desktop.”

Other new mobile applications include a tool called NOAH that lets you take cellphone pictures of bugs and trees and then sends back an identification of the exact type in as little as 24 hours and one that provides a similar service for historical landmarks, a result of a partnership between the History Channel and Foursquare.

Students: Tell us how you feel about the use of cellphones as educational tools — whether in or out of the classroom.How could your teachers use them during lessons? How could you — or do you — use them on your own for learning? If you have a cellphone, do you agree that it can distract you from your schoolwork?

Students 13 and older are invited to comment below. Please use only your first name. For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name.

Teachers: Here are ten ways to teach with this feature.

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. Fred Allen

As technology keeps on advancing, cell phones have almost become essential gadgets of our lives, it is next to impossible to leave without these cell phones, because they make communication easy. Students have also found a great use of cell phones and most of them go with their cell phones to school. Cell phones are not bad or harmful as some educators can think, but the problem is that some students use them for wrong reasons and this makes them bad in school. Since most cell phones now days can access internet, students tend to use them for selfish entertaining reasons while in the classroom, this creates distraction and it also affects that students’ grades.


:- Use Cell Phones at School – 25 Tips For Teachers and Students

Students are the top most users of social networks like Facebook, Zynga , Twitter, YouTube and many more, all these social networks have mobile phone applications which can enable user of a cell phone to easily access them. So when ever students get a chance to come with their cell phones at school, they end up using them for personal entertainment during classroom hours. This behavior has forced many educators and parents to ban cell phone usage in schools. Below i have listed detailed points on the pros and cons of cell phones in schools



According to my view, cell phones are more helpful to students. The two major cons ‘’Distraction & Cheating of exams ‘’ can be controlled with strict guidelines on how and when to use cell phones in schools. Educators should not ban cell phones in schools, but they have to teach students on how to use cell phones to improve their grades, teachers can create some phone text based quizzes to ensure that students are always alert at all time in the classroom. A cell phone as a gadget is not bad, so we just have to find better ways of using it.

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