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Globalization and tncs essay help

Jun 19, 2018

Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage. Zig Ziglar

One of the key processes of the world economy at the turn of XX-XXI centuries is progressing globalization, i. e. a qualitatively new stage in the development of the internationalization of economic life. Ambiguous attitude towards globalization, and sometimes diametrically opposed. Some see it as a threat to the world economy, and other means of further progress. But to begin to talk about the positive and negative features of globalization, the first thing we should do is to understand what globalization is?

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What are its main characteristics? How it manifests itself in the modern world? Thus globalization is the process of global economic, political, cultural and religious integration and unification. Characteristic features of globalization in the world today are the following: Strengthening the role of TNCs Transnational Companies (TNC) are business enterprises operating in two or more countries, and in operations which contain certain foreign component.

Typically, TNCs are national by its capital and international by its place of the application. Currently, 80 % of new technologies are TNCs incomes which in some cases exceed the gross national income of rather large individual countries. Today, it is the owners and developers of such technologies and control the financial markets determine the shape of the world economy. Creating a computer network Internet – a global computer network, which enables.

Instantly get in touch with anyone at any point of the globe, to conduct online conferences, meetings in real-time multimedia mode, receive access to an unlimited amount of information, communicate with any reference groups and representatives of various elites, thus eliminating the factor status distinctions, be used as a means of recreation and entertainment, act as a teaching tool, exercise of doing business, advertise goods and services, provide mobile communication and comfort of existence, significantly improve the efficiency of interaction between citizens and governments, organize media in real time.

And thus, the existence and development of the Internet is an indication of the involvement of countries in the global space. The growth of megacities Megacities – big cities with developed infrastructure that numbering several million inhabitants. They can be considered as new forms of urbanization. For the countries megacities are intermediaries for entry into the global space and centers of economic, technological, political, and cultural development.

Megapolises often become a «state within a state» and even determine the fate of the country. Unfortunately, the growth of megacities leads to negative consequences such as overpopulation, sharp stratification of society (the appearance of the very rich and the very poor), loss of national identity, an increase in crime and reduction of social control. Standardization and unification Important features of globalization are standardization of industrial products; unification of record keeping, documentation, international law, etc.

Standardization is a set of rules designed to ensure cooperation and unambiguous interpretation of the conditions of production, commercial activities, controls and security requirements. Standardization allows to harmonize the various development of independent corporations; use standardized protocols for data exchange; protect, encoding and decoding of information and to carry out coordination that necessary to the process of globalization. Worldwide spread of the English language In a global society, there is a need for a language understood by all.

Allocation of English as a language of world globalization contributed to the following factors: political and military power of countries that speak this language; a strong economy and the effect of TNCs on a global scale; scientific-technical revolution and the availability of high-level scientific and technological research; a large number of former British colonies; UK and the U. S. victory in the First and Second World Wars; dominance in the postwar era; spread media; dissemination of advertisements; success of the native speakers; spread of the Internet . We deal with only some examples of the manifestations of globalization today.

Now it worth to think about what are the consequences globalization? What outweigh the positive or negative? Let’s start with positives. The increase in competition One of the most positive effects or consequences of globalization is the improved quality of goods and services due to increased competition. Customer service, manufacturing processes, will lead to improved quality of goods and services. Because domestic companies have to win foreign competition, they have to raise their standards and levels to meet the demand of the consumer, in order to survive in the market.

Furthermore, when the global brand enters a new country, he tries to show his best side, which he must comply. This creates competition in the market situation and “natural selection. ” Employment With globalization, companies in developing countries have the opportunity to hire foreign workers under normal conditions than now (in our time). Although this effect of globalization can be both positive and negative, depending on the perspective from which you want to draw on. This gives the opportunity to invest in new markets and identify the talents that are available there.

In developing countries there is often a lack of capital, which prevents the growth of domestic companies and hence employment. In such cases, due to globalization, people in developing countries can also get the best employment opportunities. But people in the developed countries have succumbed jobs because of this process of working in developing countries, not always react to it positively, as inhabitants of less developed countries are not spoiled by high wages and are willing to work for lower pay and both sides are aware of this.

So it is both a positive and a negative factor of globalization of the world economy. Economic benefits Globalization has had a positive effect on the world economy. Exemption from rules that hinder globalization allow money to move more freely. This, in turn, will allow investors to more affluent regions of the world to invest their money in the economy of developing countries. Globalization also allows corporations to extend their activities in various areas of the provision of goods and services to those countries that need it.

Education Increase the general level of education in relation to the demands of globalization. Communication technologies make the world closer. Because of this, people have to know more. In every country there are problems with education. In response to this need, the government academic institutions and corporations will have to start to cooperate in the improvement of education, that the people are more educated. This will manifest itself in different areas and the maximum positive impact in the globalization process.

Today, you can move in search for the best educational institutions in the world, without any interference. The man cannot even go to another continent for a new experience or any courses that may not have in their native country. If you are interested, you can even get a specialization in subjects taught in other countries and spread this knowledge in their native country. Access to information Globalization makes it easier for people to access information, while increasing the number of new, interested, available information for each person on the planet .

Communication technologies such as the Internet are available in many parts of the world. As a consequence, people at all levels of society are becoming more informed. Governments, institutions and companies can now use these advanced technologies for communication and transmission of information to a much wider audience than was possible before the advent of such technologies. Access and easy dissemination of information makes the world smaller. Expansion of cooperation Globalization makes the world more closely, that positively contributes to the maximum cooperation between the countries.

Countries have a better understanding of each other. They also have become more interdependent, as countries become accustomed to rely on each other for the import and export of goods and services. Because of this growing interdependence and awareness, decreases the likelihood of war. Such cooperation also creates a useful competition where international companies have to create the highest quality products to compete with others. Dissemination of culture The world in which we live today is the result of several associations’ cultures.

Culture became more numerous as they welcomed people of other civilizations and origins and created a completely new own culture. Dissemination of cultures is happening due to the process of globalization. The same can be said about movies, music styles and other art forms. They also moved from one country to another, leaving an impression on the culture that adopted them. Legal and ethical effects Once limited jurisdiction was a hindrance in the pursuit of criminals are in another country.

Already, because of international courts, these criminals can no longer seek political asylum in a foreign country, they will be expelled from the country and given justice or in which they have committed a crime. Thanks to globalization, there is an understanding between the police and security departments of two or more different countries, who come together to curb global terrorism. Consequently, it is now possible to catch the criminals in those countries in which they want to hide it – undoubtedly one of the biggest positive effects of globalization on society.

Environmental and social issues In recognizing the damage that was done to our world in recent years, some countries have decided to band together to find a way to save our world from destruction. Organizations controlling climate change as well as those who are looking for the state of our animals, marine life, are undoubtedly one of the positive effects of globalization in the environment. As the problems that could potentially cause negative effects of globalization include: • Uneven distribution of the benefits of globalization in some sectors of the national economy.

Ability to transfer control of the economy of individual countries from the sovereign governments in other hands, including more powerful states. • Possible destabilization of the financial sector, the potential regional or global instability due to the interdependence of national economies in the global level. The most painful effects of globalization may feel the least developed countries. Globalization creates for countries and others in addition to the above: • Increase the technological gap with developed countries.

Increased socio- economic stratification, which is a process of disintegration of social groups , the breakdown of traditional ties between people , the loss of objective individuals belonging to a particular community , a sense of belonging to a certain profession or ethnic group. • The impoverishment of the general population. • Increasing dependency of the less developed countries of the stability and normal functioning of the world economic system. • Growth in external debt, especially the international financial institutions, which prevents further progress.

The increase in unemployment as a result of the introduction of new technologies, leading to job losses in the industry, increases social tensions. Changes in the structure of production and movement of the mass production of labor-intensive goods in developing countries, it’s hard hitting traditional sectors of these countries, there causing the closure of many industries. •Have nominated to the fore TNCs often put their own interests above the public, resulting in weakening the role of national states and some of the functions transferred to various supranational organizations and association.

Therefore it can be said that globalization is a deeply contradictory phenomenon. It not only connects, but divides, not only enriches, but also greatly limits. Globalization, as it neither assesses, is a fact of modern existence, irreversible, inexorable fate of world development and globalization therefore cannot be just good or bad. And I want to finish my essay by a quotation of John B. Larson who said: “Globalization is not a monolithic force but an evolving set of consequences – some good, some bad and some unintended. It is the new reality”.

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