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Literature review for mba dissertation samples

Mar 31, 2018

Literature Review Examples

Looking for guide on How to Write a Literature Review?

Below is our dissertation literature review example index.

This index includes a number of genuine dissertation literature reviews that have been written by students for their dissertations.

Take a look at the literature reviews below and hopefully you will find one or two that can help you to write your own outstanding dissertation literature review.

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Index of Literature Reviews (Page 1)

A Better Performance Of Working Capital Management Finance

The study was conducted at Parisons Roller Flour Mills Private Limited with an attempt to analyses working capital management.... ...

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A Literature Review Of A Relevant Leadership Trend

This paper examines the literature on dysfunctional leadership. The literature on the subject of leadership is vast. Everyone has a view... ...

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A Literature Review Regarding Dividend Policies

This chapter will study the public dividend policy to shareholders, which is considered to be one of the most important financial decisions ...

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A Performance Analysis Of Income Funds In Pakistan

Under the Trust Act of 1882 Mutual funds in Pakistan are registered and legally established in the form of a Trust ...

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A Study And Analysis Of Diversification Finance Essay

According to the modern portfolio theory, the benefits of international portfolio diversification are connected with the correlations of security returns ...

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A Study On Decision Analysis Consulting Nursing

Decision-making, especially those that are complex and often difficult, are increasingly being assigned to teams of individuals as opposed to being... ...

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A Study On Indian Public Sector Banks

In literature, several studies have examined the issue of the effects of foreign bank entry on the domestic financial institutions... ...

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Age Diversity In Accounting Practices

This study aims to investigate, for the first time in the Cyprus-specific accounting environment, the similarities... ...

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Aggregate Inward Fdi Flow To Pakistan

To identify the best determinants of the aggregate inward FDI flow to Pakistan. This particular research primarily focused on testing... ...

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Agricultural Agreement Within The Wto Framework

The purpose of this report is to provide an insight about the agricultural agreement within the WTO framework. We will also discuss further ... ...

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An Analysis Of The Indian Banking Industry

Investigators have been analyzing amalgamations and takeovers in the context of their characteristics and the impact on the development of both the entities... ...

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An Insight Into The Dividend Policies

Dividends: Steven M. Sheffrin (2003) Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholder members. It is the portion of corporate profits... ...

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An Introduction To Coca Cola Limited

In the following short literature review, eight papers are going to be analysed. The main topic is the multinational giant Cola-Cola Corporation ...

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An Overview Of Electricity Market Economics

The present study is an attempt to critically analyze the impact of EU ETS on the investment outlook in the electricity market over the long term. ...

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Analyse The Economic Development Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country with a total area of 147,570 sq. km. and one of the densely populated country which got independence in 1971. ...

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Analysing The Dell Direct Distribution Channel Business

The direct model refers to the fact that Dell does not use the retails channel, but sells its PCs directly to customers through its website ...

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Analysing The Dollar And Pound Exchange Rate

The objective of this paper is to investigate the relevance of the PPP theory on the exchange rate of two advanced economies, US and UK respectively. ...

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Analysing The Mcdonalds Corporation In India

Early 2000, McDonald's faced a lot of problems and the local population were dissatisfied with the corporation's presence in the country... ...

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Analysing The Triple Bottom Line Concept

The concept of Triple Bottom Line is just a popular concept that has been applied in the understanding of social duties among companies that are looking... ...

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Analysis Of Customer Loyalty Cards In Uk Retail

Impact of loyalty programs on retailer's business is perceived to be very positive despite the fact that some of the very big retailers like Asda ...

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Analysis Of Islamic Banking And Conventional Banking

The Islamic Banking System (IBS) is defined as a banking system whose principles underlying its operation and activities are founded in Islamic... ...

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Analysis Of Servant Leadership An Interpretive Biography

This paper provides a review of literature on studies focused on servant leadership. It also highlights different methods used in these studies as well ...

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Analysis Of Sources Of Finance For The Investment

Finance is important for economic growth, the aim of this study is discuss how the source of finance is affected to the business for a short... ...

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Aspiration In Different Languages Of The World

A study to explore the factors for the usage and non-usage of aspiration while speaking stops by Pakistani perspective English Language Teachers. ...

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Assessing The Issue Of Delay In Construction

The problem of delays has been studied and discussed by several researchers in pass decades but the delays problem still happen in many building projects. ...

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Assessment Of Clinical Placements In A Physiotherapy Program Nursing

The research aim of this paper was to assess clinical placements in a B.Sc. Physiotherapy Program ...

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Association Of Intellectual Capital With Return On Equity Finance

The present paper proposes to study the total value added efficiency of intellectual capital and its components' association with profitability... ...

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Attrition Rate For The Bpo Industry

In this project we had done a detailed study on 'Attrition rate' in the BPO industry in Sri Lanka. I have taken this opportunity to the best extent ...

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Backwardness Of Developing Regions Like Pakistan

The main objective of this paper is to empirically investigate the Kaldor's three growth laws in case of Pakistan by using data from 1980-2010 ...

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Bank Profitability And The Business Cycle

Efficient financial system should show profitability improvements, increasing volume of funds flowing from savers to borrowers... ...

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Barriers Of Contractor In Implementing Industrialized Building Systems

The objective of this study is further discussed about the barriers of contractor in implementing IBS. Besides that, this chapter also will focus ...

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Behaviour Of Banks And Movements In Stock Market

The main issue addressed here is whether central banks should target changes in stock prices explicitly in their monetary policies as was suggested by Cecchetti et al... ...

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Behavioural Foundations Of The Dynamic Capabilities Framework

The aim of this is to guide researchers in making the concept of DCs more nuanced and practically applicable by pointing out... ...

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Best Practice Of Benchmarking In The Aerospace Industry

The purpose of this assignment is to critically reflect on the application of best practice of Benchmarking within the aerospace industry ...

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Beta And Stock Returns In Economic Crisis

The main purpose of this academic work, research is to examine the relation between beta and stock returns due to the international financial ...

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You have to get along with people, but you also have to recognize that the strength of a team is different people with different perspectives and different personalities. Steve Case

How To Write Dissertation Literature Review?

Writing an essay is a very easy task as the requirements are not strict, but writing a dissertation can become a very difficult task if you are not clear about the dissertation writing standards. Dissertation writing carries the following basic elements;

Here we are going to discuss the methods of Literature review chapter writing as it is a main part of the complete paper and this portion requires considerable struggle; therefore, the students have to learn how to write review of literature for dissertation with absolute attention.

Literature review outline is the most important step in producing an organised work and this is why it is important to examine the critical review of literature example so that you can realise what practical work looks like.

Importance of the literature review

In this portion, you have to represent different points in a detailed manner which you have come across during the research process. You can carry your discussion in the form of argument too as it will help the research work to stand valid. Each and every element of the literature review must carry some positive meaning. You can carry your argument in a just manner by highlighting the points in an easy manner which will convince the readers.

If you have chosen a topic that describes the positive and negative points of your research work, you need to carry your discussion in the manner of an argument, but it needs to be healthy throughout and must carry positive vibes.

If your topic is explaining some experiments or traits, you need to carry the points step by step and then reach a final statement. Your information must carry a proper flow and for this purpose, you need to be clear about all of the points that you are going to discuss. Gathering information is not a difficult task provided that you are clear about your goals and know how to carry a conversation. Your preferences and requirements will play a vital role towards developing a meaningful work. You can choose your own methodology and make this section interesting for the readers.

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Choosing the material for literature review

You can make use of internet which is the best source of information as you can sit at one place and gather all the important stuff. You can also visit your library and find the helpful books that you can later be used as reference books. When you start the arrangement of material in form of points, make a separate notepad where you can arrange and edit the points. Books that you find in your library can be photocopied easily and you can save the pages which you require. This will help you out in maintain a proper flow. Different points can be highlighted and numbered.

Make the information meaningful as if you own the information and can help the reader in understanding the research work done by you. It is not at all a difficult job once you are organized and know how to carry your argument with valid justifications. Your efforts related to dissertation will help in delivering the best for your future. All you have to do is look for the best material and produce the best work by searching thoroughly and explaining the topic in a constructive manner.

Free Literature Review Samples

The best help with literature review can be found in form of sample literature review template available online if you are desperately seeking help for literature review.

Te online services offer help for review of literature samples to the students of all standards so that they can be well familiar with the basic structure and write a well appreciated piece of work on their own and a free literature review structure example can serve you best in this regards.

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