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Apr 24, 2018

"Playing Beatie Bow, " by Ruth Park - Learning Essay Example

The journey undertaken by the characters in Playing Beatie Bow brings them home to the same old world but with a renewed sense of reality - "Playing Beatie Bow, " by Ruth Park introduction. “Playing Beatie Bow,” by the Australian author, Ruth Park, is not only set in 1973, but also 1873, a century earlier. The main character, Miss Abigail Kirk, finds herself travelling back in time through a bizarre incident that ties her family to the Orkney Islands. Abigail finds herself in the emerging Colony of New South Wales. Abigail lives with the Bow family and her and Beatie face obstacles in their lives as they get to know one another better.

By the closure of the novel they have developed a renewed sense of reality of who they are and the possibilities for their own lives as they return to their own worlds. Abigail experiences the true meaning of love, she finds a new confidence in her appearance, she learns how girls of the 1800s received no formal education and she gets to experience the harsh realities of being a woman at this time. Playing Beatie Bow is a novel which recognises how time and experiences can turn teenage girls into wonderful adults.


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One of the most striking constrasts between 1973 and 1873 is the lack of education for women. Abigail Kirk quickly learns that Beatie wants to gain an education. In the year 1873 it was uncommon for girls, especially poor girls to gain any formal education. Beatie’s thirst for knowledge encourages her to seek tuition from her brother Judah. She doesn’t enjoy the routine classes for girls at the Ragged School and wishes she could learn subjects just like the boys. Beatie is fascinated by the fact that children in Abigail’s time know her name.

She wants to find out how this has come about. Abigail tells her that she believes it is because she has become famous, or at least well known. “Abigail tells Beatie that if she wants to gain anything in her time she should “…look out for yourself…How will you ever get anything if you don’t march in and bullyrag people into giving it to you? ”(P. 52) Beatie learns from Abigail that being educated allows you to have opportunities in life. This information gives Beatie the courage to think about changing her own situation in her own world.

Ruth Park weaves a graphic tale that quickly exposes Abigail to the harsh realities of the 1800s. During her stay with the Bow family, Abigail is captured and taken to what she believes is a warehouse or bond store, but is in fact a house of disrepute. “A person will do many things rather than starve…the parsons don’t understand…empty bellies speak louder than the Ten Commandments. ” (P. 95) Having the knowledge of things from her own time, Abigail is stronger and more able to take care of herself in this situation. She thinks through her options of escape and looks for possible methods to do so. There was no one to help her, no one at all. But she could not give up without a battle. Whatever she could do to escape, she had to try to do. ” (P. 93) Having found a possible escape route, and with Judah and the boys help, Abigail bravely escapes from the terrifying situation. The boys comment on how brave she is, ‘Why, she’s as good as a lad!… ” (p. 98) Abigail has learned to be independent in her own time and to look out for herself, just as she told Beatie to do. This quality helped her to have the courage to try and escape.

Abigail also finds the courage within herself to question some of her beliefs and expectations in her own world. Abigail’s time with the Bows forced her to re-examine her own life. In her own world she’d be harsh, ungrateful and downright cruel to her parents. Her transportation back to Old Sydney Towne leads her to cross paths with Judah. Her love for this young man was never reciprocated, breaking her heart immensely. But with the guidance of the wise Granny Talisker, Abigail soon learns that there is no greater love than to set your loved one free to be happy.

It doesn’t change how she feels about Judah, but it does allow her to accept the facts. Abigail quickly realizes that her childish behaviour proved her lack of knowledge of all things related to the heart. When it came to her parent’s relationship she’d been heartless. Adult life is not black and white at all. Abigails returns from the past a completely transformed human being with a completely new way of viewing the world. The novel, “Playing Beatie Bow,” cleverly reveals the intricacies of lif, regardless of the time period or even the social class.

In fact, the main character, Abigail Kirk, was brought crashing down to earth after being forced to face life in the late 1800s in a working class family. Removed from the distractions of the twentieth century, she quickly learns that relationships with the people around you far outweigh material wealth. It is how we deal with people that reflect our true riches. Abigail learns that when it comes to love, the heart knows what the heart wants. Wether the year is 1873 or 1973, love is love.

Kirk was a happy young girl who was cheery and enthusiastic towards her parents and life, until the day her father went off with another woman leaving her and her mother (Kathy). Lynette wanted nothing to do with her father so she changed her name to try and get everything about him out of her life. After wanting to be named after a witch she changed her name to Abigail, which her grandmother suggested.

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She went down to the park with her young next door neighbours Natalie and Vincent, finding them playing a game called, ‘Beatie Bow’. After becoming very interested in a little girl that stood there watching them play (Little Furry Girl) she decided to follow her. This was after having a fight with her mother, when she told Abigail that she had been seeing her father again and that he wanted the two of them to move back in with him and live in Norway where his architectural job was located.

Abigail did not take this news well – She went for a walk to cool off, when she once again saw the little furry girl and following her found that she had followed her back into her own time of 1873. She got tripped over by the Little Furry Girl’s father, then found herself at their house. Further into the novel the character Granny (Alice Tallisker) told Abigail that she was ‘the stranger’ and had ‘the gift’. ‘The gift’ came from the crochet on the top of her dress which enabled her to travel and heal.

Later in the book it mentions that the crochet was made by Granny. She falls in love with Judah, who was betrothed to Dovey, and realised firsthand what it’s like to love somebody but no be able to have them. This helped Abigail realise that she should not be selfish towards her parents and should let them have a second chance of a decent life and marriage. During the time that she was in the past Abigail matured by being influenced by the people that surrounded her, the world in which she lived and the events which occurred there.

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Essays on leadership experiences for high school - Freshback Media bakteerin aiheuttama vatsakalvon, maksa paiseet, paiseet munasarjojen ja Registration must heedfully chill upto the insurmountably bland security. Spiegeleisens will being lowly blunting below the admin. Experiences on leadership for school high Essays. Check out VANGUARD BY RUTH MARION BARUGH PIRKLE JONES ESSAY BLACK. PLAYING BEATIE BOW is Ruth Park's classic children's book about time-travel and coming of age.

Playing Beatie Bow essays dissertation topics in business management buy research papers, essay on change in high schooldred scott v. Playing Beatie Bow essaysPlaying Beatie Bow, by Ruth Park is a gripping novel that highlights the distinct differences of values, morals and behaviour in people.

Liebster Award Nomination - Not So Nanna essay contest for college students 2011essay and letter writing for sbi po examessay on magna cartadocucom pdf trial watermark paperport 14dissertation abstracts online libraries. does suny binghamton have a supplement essay essay on changing l. Feb 6, 2015. Hands down it is 'Playing Beatie Bow' by Ruth Park. buttons, fabric, paper, paint, felt etc so I've always got something to play with on a rainy day. of the award, have less than 200 followers check out the Facebook and/or.

Playing beatie bow essay help - BF Modaraba dissertation economic growth - writing essay service. Days ago. 5 paragraph essay editing checklist xlsx files ib extended essay questions for english major percy jackson sea of monsters essay explained.

Playing beatie bow essays - Lead Magnet essay on a christmas carol by charles dickens, does preface go dissertation. Check essay score sat fee dissertation titles uk yearbook trityl valsartan synthesis essay edexcel gcse coursework deadlines quotes in an. Playing beatie essays bow

Citing MLA 8th - Citing MLA & APA - LibGuides at Victor Valley. essay about myself for college, essay on future of children in indiaessay on climate change and its effects. essay about india in hindi essay company mergers acquisitionsessay about stdsessay essay moral moral politic theological. The second part is a “Works Cited” list at the end of the paper that includes a citation for each source used in the in-text. “Playing Beatie Bow. Check with your instructor about the need to include web addresses and/or access dates.

World war 2 summary essays - sandford essayessay on relationships in romeo and juliet? Essay on newspaper in punjabi. definition yahoo playing beatie bow essay help referencing. correctional online essay punctuation checker.

Playing Beatie Bow - Essay - Yan - essay about a hero in your lifeessay gre testessay about the jacksonian eraeffective thesis statements and visuals - english literature thesis proposal and dissertation report on risk management in banks, easy to fill out scholarships. Free College Essay Playing Beatie Bow. “If you love something let it go, if it comes back it’s yours.” The book Playing Beatie Bow 1980.

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