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Dissertation proposal examples uk

Apr 8, 2018

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Let’s face it, not every student, either undergraduate or a post-graduate would fancy creating that award-winning dissertation out of scratch. In fact, there’s nothing as dreadful for a student as when they are writing this important paper that essentially marks the peak of the college and university education. If you are among the lazy lot and finding it hard trying to locate a dissertation template, worry no more thank to Projectsdeal.

The leading global universities and colleges frequently release the best dissertations after each academic year. In fact, UK’s Bristol University’s official website and the prestigious Leeds University Library portal have a handsome number of these important documents. Not far from these, a simple query in most of the leading search engines will reveal mammoth locations to get these manuscripts at no cost.

Download Sites and Portals for Dissertation Examples

Having been rack-sacking and sampling the internet for the award-winning ones, I must admit that not all that glitters is gold. However, according to Projectsdeal, the tried and tested locations encompass the following.

The University of Wales for instance ceased offering free dissertations and only requires one to make an official request at any of their collaborative centers for one. Whether you are searching for an undergraduate or a postgraduate research project, exercising keenness and patience is the key. That said, the most likely locations to get a free sample of these vital papers include the following.

Since 2009, Bristol University has been annually publishing the best of the best dissertations written and submitted by their undergraduate students. As a way of nurturing innovation and originality, they award the winner besides making the winning essay free for all. Other UK’s leading academic institutions who provide these documents free for all include Leeds University, Cardiff University, and the University of Sheffield among many other institutions.

In as much as the University of Wales ceased the practice, if you are looking for a good number of them, you can as well try the British Library’s E-theses Service. The facility is the ‘single point of access’ of the UK’s finest dissertations. If the British theses don’t appeal to you, DART-Europe will certainly amaze you. As an online portal set exclusively for dissertations, its array comprise the best from universities in 19 European states.

Another excellent source of dissertation in the UK is the large essay and dissertation firm, the Projectsdeal. For ages, this organization has been churning out some prized dissertations and it is by far a one-stop-shop for enthusiastic academicians. It is important to mention that their dissertation examples are free after all.


Writing a dissertation is an entirely tiring endeavour, consuming weeks and even months of your school academic calendar. Starting from scratch is even more tiring if you have no example. Thankfully, with a whole host of resources offered at Projectsdeal, the burden can be substantially eased. They are cheaper and have a reputation of constantly churning out top quality essays.

Dissertation Proposal Examples

If you would like to review a successful dissertation proposal, you may want to download one or more of the examples below. Each of these proposals went through a lengthy review process involving numerous iterations based on feedback from a number of reviewers. Prepare yourself for a rigorous review process!

Examples of Qualitative Dissertation Proposals

Title: Self-Perception and Identity Negotiation of Muslim American Women in Higher Education

Program of Study: Global and Comparative Education

Purpose of Study: This phenomenological study explores the influences and experiences that may contribute to the self-perception and identity formation of traditional college-age Muslim American women on campus to better understand how higher education policymakers may improve their learning and social environment. 

Title: AB 540 Community College Students in Southern California: Making Connections and Realizing Dreams

Program of Study: Education

Purpose of Study: This qualitative study applies the construct of institutional agents and the associated theories of social capital and social networking to describe the influence of institutional agents on the experiences of Latino undocumented community college students who qualify for tuition equity in California under AB 540.

Download Qualitative Proposals

Example of Quantitative Dissertation Proposal

Title: Analysis of Telephonic Pharmacist Counseling

Program of Study: Public Health

Purpose of Study: This correlational study used the behavioral change model to analyze archival data from a sample of 1,148 participants to investigate the relationships between pharmicist counseling, medication adherence, and medication complexity for one pharmacy benefit management firm’s Medicare Part D recipients.

Example of Mixed Methods Dissertation Proposal

Title: The Use of Differentiated Mathematical Strategies With Secondary Students With Asperger’s Syndrome

Program of Study: Administrative Leadership and Teacher Learning

Purpose of Study: This mixed methods case study uses theories of the Zone of Proximal Development, Information Processing, Structural Cognitive Modifiability, and Metacognition to explore the effects of differentiated mathematical strategies on seventh grade students with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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  4. Are you confused about which particular dissertation data collection strategies to use in your dissertation proposal methodology?

No matter which problem is preventing you from completing your dissertation proposal, we can help you complete it in time and get it approved, GUARANTEED.

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Dissertation Research Proposal Consultation That Will:

Writing a dissertation proposal will form a master plan of action which will guide you through the dissertation and will lessen the likelihood of any unwanted surprises later on when you carry out your research With our dissertation research proposal help, all you’ll be left to do is executing the research and performing the analysis based on the provided proposal.

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Our consultants have been helping students develop proposals for dissertations for many years and know exactly what your dissertation proposal format should be like and how to organise one that will be approved, guaranteed.

On a more general note, following is the format of the dissertation proposal we follow:


  1. Title:

    A brief summary of the topic not exceeding 15 words. Mention of the nature of the study. All typed in capital letters.
  2. Abstract:

    Summary of your area of investigation and expected course covering:
  1. Table of Contents:

    It will contain all the elements of the proposal along with their page numbers. It will include:

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Dissertation-help assisted me in completing my proposal in a successful and timely manner. They revealed a hole in the existing research through a literature review, how to fill that hole, proposed methodology, etc.

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