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Dissertation proposal innovation definition

Mar 31, 2018


Dissertation Proposal Innovation Academy

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Dissertation proposal innovation academy

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Dissertation Proposal Innovation Group – 240216 – High-Tech

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The main goals of this research are to explore the importance and

the present context of Indian automobile industries by discussing

about Tata Nano car as a reference and examine the role of 

information technology to promote small cars in the market.

A drastic change in an automobile industry is identified by the

researcher in this research in term of technology, market potential,

and innovations. All these changes in an automobile industry are

described by taking Tata Nano car as a reference which was

introduced by Ratan Tata in New Delhi in the year 2008.

According to the records presented by Crisil the rating agency,

nano technologies of Tata Nano is increased by 65%.

The main aim of this innovation is to focus on the fast increases of 

the petrol price in India. This car changed the scenario of entire

Indian automobile industry and major parts of business get affected

by technological changes.

Furthermore, it would be great to study about the two different

innovations belong to the same field also to examine the issues and

improvements in the two define innovations let say Tata Nano and

Maruti 800. On comparing Tata Nano with Maruti 800 will help to

understand the reasons behind the economy growth

In this research secondary approach of data collection is adapted

and apart from this t test is used to analyze the data. Data which is

collected with the help of secondary approach is then plotted on

the graph in order to analyze the outcome.


Executive summary
The paper explains he importance of innovation in detail manner. The aim of this paper is to clear the understanding about the innovation. The definition, importance, innovation process, benefits of innovation for an organization and the nation and lastly the required characteristics of leader have been explained. This paper provides detailed explanation on the innovation and the role of leader in support and inhibit the organizational innovation.
1 Introduction
Innovation is a process of introducing new or improved good or service in the market. Innovation helps the organization to grow in this globalized business world. This paper is based on the concept innovation. It states different definitions of the innovations and its detailed explanation. In the explanation, different perspectives and types of innovations have been discussed to clear the meaning and significance of innovation in different disciplines and fields of the life. Moreover, innovation process and its six vital stages have also been discussed. In addition, the importance and benefits of innovation for the organization and the nation have also been elaborated further. In the last section, the role of leader and its required characteristics have also been explained that are required for managing organizational innovation in the organizations. Thus, this paper highlights the importance of innovation in detail.
2 Definition of innovation
Innovation is an important concept of the modern world. Innovation can be defined in different ways in different perspectives CITATION Fre95 \l 1033 (Freeman, 1995). In general terms, innovation can be defined as the new application that has been introduced as the new product, process and other aspect of the activities of the organization. Innovation always increases the efficiency of the activities and provides value to the consumers. Such a value is very beneficial for the firm if it introduces in the organization and also for the consumer if it introduces to the common people for their common use CITATION Mar98 \l 1033 (Roger, 1998). Moreover, innovation can also be defined as any new or improved good or service that has been used for the commercial purpose. Similarly, innovation is a substantially improved process that is something new to the business and that increases the productivity of the firm. Innovation can be introduced as materialist change or non-materialistic change. The materialistic innovation includes some technological innovation. On the other hand, the non-materialistic innovation includes the new improved processes and techniques of working in the business organizations. Thus, the definition of innovation is different that can be distinguished into five different ways like the introduction of new product or a qualitative change, process innovation that is new in the business, opening of new market, organizational change and last development of new sources of supply for raw material CITATION OEC97 \l 1033 (OECD, 1997).
3 Innovation and its explanation
From the above definitions, it has cleared that innovation is a process of making changes in the established product or established something totally new and introduced into the world for the benefit of the people. Innovation has been an important topic of many disciplines like economics, business management, engineering, science and sociology CITATION Sul08 \l 1033 (Sullivan, 2008). In business management, innovation can a new product or services that is introduced in the market for adding value for the consumers. On the other hand, in engineering, introduction of new technology in the world is called as innovation. Likewise, in the sociology, new work ethics can be termed as the innovation. There, innovation has different meaning for different disciplines. Innovation has many types. The different types of innovation include product innovation, process innovation, marketing innovation and organizational innovation. The first type of innovation, which is product innovation is an introduction of new or improved good or service in the world. The example of product innovation is user-friendly software in the personal computers and the tablets, and laptop for replacing bulky computers, these all are product innovations. The second type which is process innovation is such a type of innovation in which new or improve methods of working are introduced like economies of scale has been introduced to decrease the overall co...

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