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Economic research paper topics ideas

Jun 3, 2018

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RePEc: Research Papers in Economics

General principles

RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 96 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in Economics and related sciences. The heart of the project is a decentralized bibliographic database of working papers, journal articles, books, books chapters and software components, all maintained by volunteers. The collected data are then used in various services that serve the collected metadata to users or enhance it.

So far, over 1,900 archives from 96 countries have contributed about 2.3 million research pieces from 2,800 journals and 4,500 working paper series. About 50,000 authors have registered and 75,000 email subscriptions are served every week. See below on how you can be part of this initiative.

RePEc services

The following are services that use (principle) and contribute RePEc data. They also report usage statistics that can be used towards the RePEc rankings.

Additional websites using RePEc

The RePEc bibliographic data is in the public domain and thus used by other services as well. The following are the ones we know of, and unfortunately none report usage statistics back to LogEc.

Adding bibliographic information to RePEc

The basic principle is that publishers index their content themselves into RePEc. They host the metadata on their http or ftp site, following the Guildford Protocol, which indicates how the metadata archive should be structured. Then, the syntax of the metadata template syntax is guided by ReDIF, the Research Documents Information Format.

If you intend to contribute information about your publications to RePEc, you may read the above documents or use these step-by-step instructions or sample templates. The same instructions apply for commercial publishers or research institutes.

RePEc archive maintainers may also make good use of the template syntax and link checker, of tips and tricks and the FAQ.

Mailing lists for RePEc:


RePEc is entirely based on the contributions of volunteers: Maintainers of RePEc archives, editors at NEP and MPRA, and those who run the various RePEc services. If you want to get involved check out our volunteer opportunities or contact any member of the RePEc team.

RePEc emerged from the NetEc group, created in 1992, which received support for its WoPEc project between 1996-1999 by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK Higher Education Funding Councils, as part of its Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib). RePEc was created in June 1997 to decentralize the work done by WoPEc and thus make it independent of grant needs. RePEc is then guaranteed to remain free for all parties.


Each RePEc service has contact details; for any question, please email them. For general enquiries about RePEc, in particular to open a RePEc archive, contact Kit Baum or Christian Zimmermann.

Economics Research Paper Topics for High School Students

The study of economics can be a challenge to write about in a research paper. But remember, as long as you’re writing a research paper, you will be depending upon the research of others to carry you through, not on your own—and that is good. Research papers are actually easier to write than being on your own with a complex topic where you give only your ideas.

Great places to look for economics topics is from blogs on economics, if you want something current economic theorists are discussing. Or, you may want to ask a teacher to guide you toward a topic that you might find interesting where he/she knows there is lots of good research that is accessible—both in availability of articles and ease of understanding them.

Also, your textbook will be rife with topics of discussion, which always address issues you can focus on. Look at the major chapter titles, chapter questions, and think on questions your teacher brought up that he/she discussed at length or put on the discussion board—ones that your whole class discussed at length, and there you go—a topic your teacher feels is important! This may give you an excellent way to approach the topic with your teacher as well.

Here are some general research paper topics for economics that all students address at some point in high school-level economics courses.

  1. What government failures have led to major problems in American economics?
  2. How has Obamacare affected American economics positively/negatively?
  3. What are the benefits of comparative advantage?
  4. Discuss cigarette taxes and American economics—why does the government keep raising taxes on cigarettes and what do they do with these tax revenues?
  5. What was the Kyoto Protocol? How would American economics been affected by it?
  6. Discuss stadium building and their affects on city-wide economic earnings, expenditures, do the benefits outweigh the costs and other issues surrounding stadium building.
  7. Discuss current issues in SUVs and the American environment, and the American economies.
  8. Is the current minimum wage fair? How does the minimum wage help or hinder Americans?
  9. Discuss immigration and its effects on America’s economic system.
  10. Discuss issues surrounding the American middle class today economically.
  11. Do foreign investments threaten the American economy?
  12. Discuss American economics and the prison system with an analysis of the positive or negative impact on the system.

Economics research papers: what topic to choose

Writing a paper in your economics class might not be that much fun, but it can be done easily without unnecessary stress or frustration. Keep reading to find out how to pick a topic that’s right for you and how to write this paper in record time. When you have an assignment like this due, it can seem like you’re too busy for anything else in your life. But if you have a plan for the time that you do have, things will fall into place.

Start by finding out how many hours each day you can devote to this paper. Then you can make a list of each thing you need to do and about how much time it’ll take you to do it. After that, stick to your schedule and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Finding a Good Economics Paper Topic

Here are some topic ideas that you can use for your economics research paper:

  1. Should marijuana be legalized? Consider the benefits of both medical and recreational uses.
  2. Analyse costs and benefits of gun registry
  3. Why are baseball stadiums often a poor investment by the government?
  4. Talk about violence in hockey from a social viewpoint. How could it be reduced, and does it even need to be?
  5. How do tariffs affect the economy?
  6. Consider the US government’s attempts to stop gambling online. Why are only online activities being criticized while real, physical casinos are growing and spreading successfully?
  7. How should universities reconsider their policies about academic misconduct regarding students?
  8. What might happen if the world ran out of oil?
  9. Does community policing trump standard police practices in being successful in reducing crime? What about the costs of both?
  10. What do you think about the Kyoto Protocol and how has it affected even the countries that said no? Has its existence made any difference?

Once you have a great topic, the rest will mostly fall into place. Writing the actual essay will depend a lot on what topic you’ve chosen and that makes it unique to your essay. Choose one that you are interested in, because if you’re bored writing about it, your teacher will likely be bored reading it. Your passion will show through, and if there’s even a small part of economics that you love, use that to your advantage in this project.

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