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Ets toefl ibt writing samples

Feb 27, 2018

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Boys and girls should be educated in separate classrooms using different teaching techniques.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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TOEFL iBT Practice Test

Welcome to Academic Success Media’s TOEFL iBT practice test.

Please note that this is not the official TOEFL iBT website. For further information, please look at the footnote at the bottom of the page.

What is the TOEFL iBT?

The examination is used by colleges, universities, and employers around the world to assess your Engliah language skills.

What’s on the TOEFL iBT?

The test has sections on reading, listening, speaking, and writing.


The reading section has 3 or 4 passages, and usually has 40 to 50 questions.

The reading texts will be from academic texts.

You will have 60 to 80 minutes to finish the reading section.

There will be 3 or 4 reading passages with 13 to 15 reading comprehension questions on each passage.

Free Reading Test


The listening section usually has 6 parts.

You will listen to conversations, discussions, lectures, and seminars.

You will then need to answer questions on what you have heard.

You will have 60 to 90 minutes to finish the listening part of the test.

Free Listening Test


The speaking section has 6 parts.

You will need to be able to express opinions, summarize a conversation, and give a spoken summary of a lecture or reading passage.

You will have 20 minutes to finish the speaking test.

Free Speaking Test


The writing test has two tasks.

The first TOEFL iBT essay is an integrated task.

So, for essay task 1, you will listen to a lecture and then read a passage on the same topic.

For your integrated essay, you will need to summarize and compare the information from the lecture and reading.

For essay 2, you will give an opinion on a topic. It will be on a topic that is known to you.

You will have 50 minutes to finish the both essay parts of the writing test.

Free TOEFL Essay Writing Tasks with Sample Essays

前回の投稿でSample QuestionsのIntegrated Writing TaskのReading PassageとLecture Transcriptを掲載しました。


ReadingとLectureを読めば明らかなように、Integrated Writing Taskは、

l Reading Passagemain ideamain ideaをサポートする3つのpointsによって構成される。よってReading Passagemain idea3つのpoints4段落になる。

l Lectureは、Readingmain ideaに反対の立場を取り、Reading3つのpointsそれぞれに対して反論する。







しかし残念ながら、市販TOEFL Writing教材のIntegratedの問題のほとんどがこの傾向に合っていません。

またOfficial Guideでも、3rd Editionになって追加された本試験1セット分の問題の中のIntegrated Writing問題以外(つまり2nd Edition以前のもの)は、実は本試験で出題される、上記の形式と異なっています。

Official Guideの問題が、実際に出題される問題と形式が違う

という非常に由々しき状態は、今夏の3rd Editionへの改訂でも改められることはありませんでした。


以下、前回投稿したSample Questionsの中のIntegrated Writing問題に対する5点のサンプルです。

この5点のサンプル以外に、4点のサンプルもSample Questionsの中で見ることができます。

またSample Questionsではそれぞれのサンプルに対するコメントを読むことができます。

5点のサンプルだけではなく、このコメントにも、Integrated Writingで役立つ表現が満載されています。

5点のサンプルはSample Questionsの中のものそのままを掲載します。表現上のミス、文法上のミスは修正していません。



Integrated Writingへの学習はここから始めるべきと言ってもよいでしょう。


The lecture explained why the computerized voting system can not replace the traditional voting system. There are the following three reasons.

First of all, not everyoen can use computers correctly. Some people do not have access to computers, some people are not used of computers, and some people are even scared of this new technology. If the voters do not know how to use a computer, how do you expect them to finish the voting process through computers? This directly refutes the reading passage which states that computerized voting is easier by just touchingthe screen.

Secondly, computers may make mistakes as the people do. As computers are programmed by the human beings, thus erros are inevitable in the computer system. Problems caused by computer voting systems may be more serious than those caused by people. A larger number of votes might be miss counted or even removed from the system. Furthermore, it would take more energy to recount the votes. Again this contradicts what is stated in the reading which stated that only people will make mistakes in counting.

Thirdly, computerized voting system is not reliable because it has not reached a stable status. People trust computers to conduct banking transactions because the computerized banking system is being used daily and frecuently and has been stable. How ever, the voting does not happen as often as banking thus the computerized voting system has not been proved to be totally reliable.

All in all, not everyone can use a computer properly, computer cause mistakes and computerized voting system is not reliable are the main reasons why computerized voting system can not replace the traditional voting system.



This response is well organized, selects the important information from all three points made in the lecture, and explains its relationship to the claims made in the reading passage about the advantages of computerized voting over traditional voting methods.

First, it counters the argument that computerized voting is more user-friendly and prevents distortion of the vote by saying that many voters find computers unfamiliar and some voters may end up not voting at all.

Second, it challenges the argument that computerized voting will result in fewer miscounts by pointing out that programming errors may result in large-scale miscounts and that some errors may result in the loss of voting records.

Third, it rejects the comparison of computerized voting with computerized banking by pointing out that the reliability of computerized banking (“reached a stable status”) has been achieved though frequent use, which does not apply to voting.

There are occasional minor language errors: for example, “people not used of computers”; “miss counted”; “computer cause mistakes”; and the poor syntax of the last sentence (“All in all . . . ”). Some spelling errors are obviously typos: “everyoen.” The errors, however, are not at all frequent and do not result in unclear or inaccurate representation of the content.

The response meets all the criteria for the score of 5.

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