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Example of a good research paper outline

Jun 17, 2018

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Outlining the Perfect College Research Paper by HandMadeWritings

No doubt your high school English teacher drilled the importance of two key writing processes into your head while drafting an English paper: brainstorming and outlining. If you’re wondering how to write a college research paper, both brainstorming and outlining are important steps. Why? Because the college research paper format can be complicated, and creating a college research paper outline is necessary to earn an “A” level paper. Need a refresher? No problem! Here’s what you need to know about creating a good college research paper outline.

College Research Paper Topics

Pretty much every class you take in college will demand that you create college research paper topics. These topics can range from historical to futuristic research paper topics. Some research paper topics will be assigned by the professor while others will be student choice. For student choice topics it’s important to narrow the college research paper topics and get approval from your professor prior to beginning the paper. No students want to be halfway through the research process only to discover that the professor believes a topic isn’t appropriate for the course! So here’s an expert piece of advice: meet with your professor before selecting between your brainstormed college research paper topics in order to assure that the topic you select is on the right track. Once you’ve selected the topic and it’s been approved, it’s time to brainstorm some research paper ideas.

College Research Paper Ideas

College Research Paper Ideas by HandMadeWritings
Aren’t college research paper topics and college research paper ideas the same thing? Nope! The topic concerns the general issue you’ll be researching and the idea is more specific. So if you’re taking an Ancient History class, your topic could be Democracy in Ancient Greece, but your ideas could range from whether the democracy actually functioned to protect the people or if the democracy invited corruption, or if the Greek democratic process left a worldwide legacy. Once you have decided upon the best idea from a brainstormed list of research paper ideas, it’s time to begin thinking about how to write a college research paper. Starting early is key; a good college research paper outline requires thought. And once you’ve got all your thoughts together, it’s time to organize them into a well-written college research paper outline. Doing so allows the writer to see what areas he or she needs to focus their time on researching.

So what goes into a college research paper outline? Good question: lots of information.

College Research Paper Outline

When writing a research paper, you should create two outlines: one at the beginning to organize how you want the paper to unfold and what you need to research and one in the middle of the writing process that acts as more of a sentence outline organizing key research facts and showing how the information connects to each other logically. There are many steps to creating a good college research paper outline. A good college research paper outline should include the major parts of any research paper: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The number of body paragraphs will depend upon the required page numbers. It’s additionally a good idea to include an outline for a Bibliography and/or a Works Cited page. Organising information in the beginning and middle of the paper will be much easier than going back and doing so at the end — especially when all you want to do is be done with the paper.

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College Research Paper Example

Many colleges and universities offer a research paper example online so students can see both the process and final product. If your college doesn’t have a college research paper example, simply google the phrase “college research paper example” (the quotations are helpful) to see hundreds of hits for college research paper example. These examples may all be a bit different, so it may be helpful to further refine your search to include the disciple of the paper you have to write. In addition, many colleges and universities support writing centres on campus where students can go to get help with their writing assignments. While these services are often free, they must be reserved and are typically on a first-come-first-served basis. So if you need to brush up on how to write a college research paper, try both the internet as well as your college’s writing center: both will be able to provide you with a good research paper example.

College Research Paper Sample

College Research Paper Sample by HandMadeWritings
Another great resource concerning how to write a college research paper is your professor or the TA (teaching assistant). Many professors and teaching assistants will keep an excellent research paper sample from previous students to show current students how to write a college research paper. Don’t be afraid to ask to see a research paper sample! Doing so sets you apart from others students who may wonder but not take the steps to do well in their academic career. So once you have a good college research paper outline, ask the professor if he or she has a college research paper sample so you can see what you should be working towards.

Remember: learning how to write a research paper isn’t hard if you have the correct tools. Asking for the tools you need is a step in the right direction.Research papers can be some of the most daunting academic writing assignments students face in college. Therefore, it’s important that you have knowledge of how to write a college research paper in order to earn the good grade you want. Begin by brainstorming research paper topics, and then narrow your research paper ideas. Once you know the direction you’re headed, create a research paper outline and look for research paper examples and samples both online and in-person. Ask for help when you need it: your fellow classmates, professor, and college writing center can act as invaluable resources on your quest to master the college research paper process.

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