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Heritage conservation thesis paper

Apr 10, 2018

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Cultural heritages Limitations and Opportunities There are some limitations and opportunities for cultural heritages in Hamilton Square. The limitations are: • The legal names are limited. The impacts are subjected to national and local planning policies and documents. The historical buildings and monuments and surrounding environment are specific, especially the settings of listed buildings such as Hamilton Square and Birkenhead Park Conservation Areas ( Appendix 4, 2008). • Unspecified Heritage Assets. There are still some unlisted buildings and some areas which are required to investigate and record industrial archaeological interests (EH ,2000). • The significance of cultural heritage. The significance of cultural heritage mainly depends on aesthetic, historic, scientific and social values. These four aspects will influence on the intervention measures of the site. The aesthetic depends on its design and environment. And its functions determines its social values. Such as an industrial area determines it can develop a tourism area which depends on its industrial culture. The docks in Hamilton Square is one of the symbol of cultural heritage. The uses of the dock determines to a degree on the development of the area ( Appendix 4, 2008). • The implications of the special interest. Currently the uses of the special interest are unsustainable. It is vital to create sufficient value in infrastructure and public realm. The value should brings benefit to Hamilton Square. And it is necessary to build a linkage between economic and cultural heritage. • The movement patterns. The main patterns of the movement in Hamilton Square is the water bodies. The policy and movement should follow the characteristics of the dockside environment... ... middle of paper ... ...sidies or reduce store rents. There should have a significant economic rise for five years. Government can also introduce some policies on repairing old buildings, and make the old and new buildings can merge in the same environment (EH, 2000). Works Cited 1. Wirral Waters: Strategic Regeneration Framework (2008) Appendix 4: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Appraisal 2. English Heritage (EH) 2000 Record of Scheduled Monuments; Birkenhead Priory Swindon 3. Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council (WMBC) 2000 Wirral Unitary Development Plan Wallasey 4. Milne G.J. 2000 Trade and Traders in Mid-Victorian Liverpool; Mercantile Business and the making of a World Port Liverpool Rees P. 1991 A Guide to Merseyside’s Industrial Past Birkenhead 5. "Vehicle Collection" 2009 . Greater Manchester Museum of Transport. 6. London: A Life in Maps (exhibition), British Library, 2006.

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