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Islamic finance phd thesis pdf

Jun 23, 2018

Research Title Author’s  Name Report on Practices in Commercial Banking Which Contradict with Actual Islamic Banking Ideologies Mashal Rasool Research Report on Islamic Banking: Contribution of Islamic Banking Towards Pakistan Economy Ubaid Ullah Khalil Research Report on Hedging in Islamic Finance Sahibzada Muhammad Faham Research Report on Feasibility of Interest Free Banking in Pakistan & Obstacles to its Rapid Growth Rahat Ullah Wazir Research Report on Ijarah Financing VS Conventional Financing Lease Usman Saeed Research Report on Islamic Banking… Some Myths and Misgivings Versus Their Clarification Muhammad Abbas Khan Research Report on Islamic Accounting System Fayaz Ahmad Research Report on “Ijarah” Why may a non – Muslim prefer Ijarah over conventional lease? Naveed Khan Shalmani Research Report on Islamic Banking Vs Conventional Banking  (A New Approach) Laila Rahim Mian Research Report on Overview of Islamic Banking Growth in Pakistan Shakir Malik Research Report on Musharakah Financing and its Challenges in the Market Umair Raza Research Report on Ijara, Its Challenges & Its Comparison with Conventional Leasing Bilal Asif Research Report on “Takafful” The Islamic Insurance Nauman Aslam Khan Research Report on “Murabahah” as a Mode of Islamic Financing Salah-ud-Din Research Report on Takaful (Islamic Insurance) in Peshawar Sana Shah Research Report on Challenges for Islamic Banking Abid Ali Khan Research Report on Consumer Finance in Askari Commercial Bank Limited: Islamic Banking Perspective Humera Perveen Research Report on Challenges Faced by Bank of Khyber (Islamic Banking Division) Sumaira Hayat A Research Study on the Similarities Between the Islamic Mode of Financing and Conventional Mode of Financing (House Financing) Asim Nauman Siddiqui Research Report on Islamic Vs Conventional Modes of Financing with Special Emphasis on Diminishing Musharakah Rani Ambreen Research Report on Islamic Life Insurance “Takaful” Waqas Ahmad  Takaful in the New Millennium. Where we are now? Where do we go from here? Muhammad Ishaq  Shariah Compliance is not the only Driver for Sukuk Popularity Farheen Hassan Research Report on Challenges Facing Islamic Banking Muhammad Essa Research Report on Portfolio Management Practices of Al Meezan Investment Management Limited Jawad Ali Khan Islamic Banking in Pakistan Abdullah Khan Research Report on Introduction to Islamic Modes of Finance and Critical Review of Musharakah Shahid Karim Risk Management in Islamic Banking Khawaja Muhammad Jawad Research Report on Scope and Current Performance of Islamic Banking in Pakistan Ammar Khalid Research Report on Hedging in Islamic Finance Muhammad Ibrahim Research Report on A Comparative Analysis of Credit Line Instruments of Islamic Banking with Conventional Banking System Nasir Ali Research Report on Islamic Mode of Financing (Musharakah) in the Bank of Khyber Abdur Rauf Research Report on Car Ijarah an Islamic Mode of Finance Shaukat Hayat  A Comparative Analysis of Islamic and Conventional Modes of Financing with Special Emphasis on Diminishing Musharakah Kaleem Ullah Islamic Infrastructure (Open Ended) Fund Feasibility Report Awais Ali Investment Analysis for Islamic Banks in Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) Abdul Bari Research Report on Mudaraba Financing and Problems in its Implementation in Pakistan Wajahat Kibria Research Report on Challenges for Islamic Banking Syed Usman Ahmad Shah Research Report on Islamic Banking Vs Conventional Banking: Meezan Bank Case Study Abdul Nasir Safi Research Report on Islamic Banking A Performance Comparison of Islamic Bank Versus Conventional Bank in Pakistan Shahid Ullah Research Report on Risk Management in Islamic Banking Ashfaq Ahmad A Research Report on Risks in Sukuk Structures Muhammad Ilyas Research Report on SME Compatibility with Islamic Micro Financial Instruments Noor ul Ain Research Report on Hedging in Islamic Banking Hamid Mehmood Khan Financial Model for Islamic Credit Card Batoor Qazi Research Report on Islamic Life Insurance Zahid Shafiq Research Report on “Musharikah & Its Challenges Gohar Ali Research Report on” Comparative Analysis Of Ijarah Financing With Leasing Hammad Ahmad Research Report on “Mudarabah, Problems & Its Role In Pakistan Capital Market Irshad Khan Empirical Evidence of Relationship B/W Interest Rate & Its Rate of return on Islamic Banks’ Deposits Memona Khan Research Report on ” Comparison of Conventional Car Financing With Islamic Car Ijarah” Mian Daud Shah Research Report on ” Retail Banking in the Context of Muslim Commercial Bank” Muhammad Ajmal Khan Research Report on “Islamic Modes of Financing ” Murabaha at The Bank of Khyber” Mujahid Iqbal Research Report on ” A critical Approach to Islamic Banking” Nasir Naseer Research Report on ” Murabaha, Its Issues & Problems Shamsur Rehman Research Report on ” Risk Management in Islamic Banking” Zahid Anwar Comparative Analysis of Islamic & Conventional Banking Division of Bank of Khyber Arshad Ali Opportunities Available for Islamic Banking and Finance to Flourish in Pakistan Muhammad Daud Arbab Public Awareness of Islamic Banking and Factors Influencing Decision to Select Islamic Bank Muhammad Ismail Khan Concept of Leasing in Islam, Analyze and Suggest an Islamic Option Muhammad Usman Role Of Islamic Finance In The Growth Of SMEs Murtaza Khaliq Conventional Vs Islamic Finance: Students’ Knowledge & Perception in Peshawar Syed Farman Ullah Shah Islamic Banking and  Microfinance and Analysis of Growth Rate of Islamic Banking Industry in Pakistan Naveed Alam Recruitment & Selection at Premier Islamic Commercial Bank (Meezan Bank Ltd) Muhammad younas People’s Perception, Attitude & Knowledge of Islamic & Conventional Banking in Mardan Muhammad Nawaz Comparative Analysis Between Islamic & Conventional Bank Mohammad Shoaib Accounting Aspect of Riba Free Banking & its Financial Analysis Nida Haram Micro Finance in the Context of Islamic Banking Zia-Ur-Rehman Comparative Analysis of Islamic Banks of Pakistan & Conventional Banks Manzoor Hussain The Problem Faced by Islamic Banking in Pakistan Wajid Ullah Analysis Of Islamic Modes of Financing Abdullah Comparison of Islamic Banking Vs Conventional Banking and a Special Emphasis on Diminishing Musharakah Shabbir Ur Rehman Role of Islamic Banking in the Growth Of SME’s Muhammad Ali Shah Comparison Between Islamic Banking & Conventional Banking Aneela Gul Risk Management of Islamic Banks Khurram Hijaz Kakakhel Customer Perception Regarding Islamic Banking Anwar Hussain Khattak Credit Rating of Islamic Institutions Sajid Ur Rehman Emerging Trends in Islamic Banking and Finance Muhammad Ali Challenges For Islamic Banking Muhammad Shakeel Bangash Can Takaful Survive and Develop Independence khurram Shahzad Islamic Banking and Economy of Pakistan Muhammad Abbas Khattak Comparative Study of Islamic and Conventional Banking Products Sajid Ghani Hedging in Islamic Finance Muhammad Farooq Islamic Banking A Global Alternative To Conventional Banking (Case Study of Peshawar) Amir Khan Causes of Rise in Demand of Islamic Banking Abdul Haseeb Islamic life insurance (Takaful) Mehtab Kazi Viability of Islamic Banking System in Pakistan Farhan Arshad Customer Awareness and Hidden Charges in Car Ijarah Abdul Rahim Khan Penetration of Islamic Banking into Conventional Financial Systems Bahader Iqbal Comparative analysis of conventional life insurance & Islamic life insurance Farhad Asad Is Islamic banking really Islamic? Aimal Angar Role of Islamic Finance in the Growth of MMEs Wajeeh ur Rehman Different variables impact on Islamic banking in Peshawar Sardar Wali Research Report on analysis of Murabaha sale Sidra Gul Problem of interest free Islamic banking in Pakistan Wasid Iqbal Innovation in Islamic banking industry in Pakistan “TAWARRUQ” Waqas Shahid Jadoon Islamic banking and its growth in Pakistan Muhammad Jamil Understanding of Islamic finance terminologies and its principles of contract Naseer Ahmad Khan Problems of Islamic Banking in Pakistan Muhammad Bilal Impact of risk management in Islamic banking Mehwish Riaz Banker and Client  Perception Regarding Islamic Mode of Financing to SMEs Shafi Ullah Shariah Viablity of Islamic Banking Services Mumtaz Ali Gul Consumer Perception and Acceptance of Islamic Life Insurance (Takaful) Sher Bahader Trend Towards Islamic Banking- Customers Perspective Ghulam Nabi “Comparison of Takaful and Conventional Insurance System” Shadab zafar Conventional Financing Verses Islamic Financing in Textile Industries Sajjad Ahmad The Role of Two Tiered Mudarabah in Equitable Distribution of Profit: Myth or Reality? Salman Ali Shah Islamic Banking is More Vialble Than Convertional Banking ( A Case Study of Meezan Bank and Bank Alfalah) Fakhar -e- Alam Measuring the Independence of Shariah Audit in Islamic Banks of Pakistan Hira Waheed  Relative Operational Efficiency of Islamic & Conventional Banking service: Evidence from Banking Sector in Pakistan Based on Data From 2006-2009 Ashfaq Ahmad Performance of Islamic Banking in the Light of Conventional Banking A Case Study of Pakistan’s Dual Banking System Aasil Khan Performance Persistence of Mutual Funds: A Comparative Analysis of Islamic/ Non- Islamic and Open End/ Closed End Mutual Funds Arsalan Siraj Mir Performance Analysis of Islamic Versus Conventional Bank of Pakistan Muhammad Haroon Islamic Banking in the Modern Interest Era Nabia Shabir The challenges faced by Islamic Banking and Finance in Pakistan Jawad Khan The Islamic Contract of Leasing “Ijara” and its Comparative Analysis with Conventional Leasing Syed Omair Gillani Comparison of Conventional Banking (MCB) and Islamic Banking (Meezan Bank) Abdul Mateen Determinants of liquidity risk in Islamic banking Ahmad Farooq Impact Assessment of Conventional and Islamic Microfinance Programs:  A Case of SRSP and Helping Hand Pakistan Abdul Qader Comparative Analysis of Islamic Vs Conventional Mutual Funds 2005-2010 Abdul Sami Islamic banks performance and capital structure in Pakistan 2007 to 2009 Adnan Khan Takaful mode in Islamic business and how it is different from conventional insurance. Amjad Ali Khan The Impact of Islamic Financial Institutions on Economic Growth Asad Hussain Shah Challenges and its Impact on Profitability of Islamic Banking Ayan Ali Impact of Gharar on Contracts Particularly on Murabaha Contract of BOK Bushra Liaqat Murabaha And Its Awareness In The Islamic Financial Institutions Gohar Rehman Risk Mitigation And Its Management In Islamic Versus Conventional Banks Hassan Hameed Bangash Achieving Socio-economic Development In Islamic Banking Hazrat Umer Challenges Of Regulations In Islamic Banking In Pakistan And The Way Forward Javed Nasir Islamic Insurance: Its Origin And Development In Pakistan Kamran Ahmad Analyzing The Shariah Implemented Rules Regarding Musharikah In Islamic Banks Of Pakistan Kashif Aziz An Empirical Investigation And Comparison Of The Efficiency  And Sustainability And Islamic Microfinance Programs Khyber Risk Assessment And Management: An Analysis Of Issues In Islamic modes Of Finance Kiran Zeb Is PLS Based Banking A Real Islamic Banking In Pakistan:  A Critical Study Laiq Ahmad Awan Perception of Islamic banking in lower Chitral Mubeen Ahmad Performance Of Islamic Banks In Pakistan: A Case Study On Meezan Bank Muhammad Ejaz Performance Analysis Of Islamic Vs Conventional Banks In Pakistan Muhammad Fawad Waqf As A Tool To Counter Some Of The Challenges Facing Islamic Banks Muhammad Shahab Application And Implication Of Waqf Models In An Economy Muhsin Khan Concept Of Islamic Micro Finance And Poverty Alleviation Naila Orakzai Murabaha, And how Is It Different From A Loan Transaction In Conventional Banking Noor-Ul-Amin Takaful: An Islamic Insurance In Peshawar Said Amin Principles Of Shariah Governing Islamic Investment Funds Sami Ullah Khan Islamic Life Insurance (Takaful) Sayyam Financing Non Bankable Masses: An Analytical Study Of Conventional Versus Islamic Microfinance Programs:  A Case Study Of BRAC Pakistan And Akhuwat Shahid Sultan Awareness of Islamic Banking Shahzad Hameed Comparison Between Islamic House Financing & Conventional Housing Financing Shumaila Shad Comparative Performance evaluation Of Islamic Vs conventional Mutual funds (2003 to 2010) Syed Subhan Shah Islamic Ijarah Vs Conventional Lease Tahseen Ullah Profitability Comparison Of Conventional And Islamic Banks: A Case Study On ABL And Meezan Bank Umar Khan Structural Analysis Of Sukuk In Light Of AAOIFI standards: Cases Of IJARA Sukuk From Dubai, Qatar and Pakistan Zar Jan Commodity Muraba & Reputation Risk for Islamic Banks Mr. Nawab Khan The Islamic Financial System from the perspective of Pakistan: imperatives and Harsh realities Asimah Majeed Marwat Comparison between performance of islamic banks: case study on Pakistan and Iran Humna Mehtab The comparative analysis of Islamic banking in terms of “Ijarah” with conventional leasing Nauman Khan Khalil Islamic Life Insurance (Takaful) Mehtab Kazi Comparative analysis of microfinance and Islamic banking: A case of two Banks Arzoo Noor Behavior and perception towards Islamic Financing Noman Zaib Acceptance of Islamic banking by non-Muslim across KPK Saeed Uz Zaman Impact of mergers and acquisitions on financial performance of Conventional versus Islamic Banks ( A comparative Analysis) Neelam Qasir Impact Study of Capital Adequacy For Islamic Banks in Pakistan Sajid Khan Awareness about Islamic Finance its Terminologies and Positive perceptions in Peshawar & Bannu Manzoor Ahmad Khan Financial performance of Islamic and conventional Banks in Pakistan Waris Sabah Comparison of Islamic and conventional Banks of Pakistan on the Basis of Disaggregated earnings. Kashif Ahmad Performance Evaluation and comparison of Islamic Index with market indexes for the period 2009-2011 Sabahat Muhammad Financial performance of Islamic and conventional Banks in Pakistan Arsalan Ahmad Financial performance comparison of Islamic and conventional Banks In Pakistan: A comparative study Yawar Miraj Khilji Risk Management Comparison of Islamic and conventional Banks in Pakistan Muhammad Shamim The Determinants of Islamic Banking Profitability in Pakistan Waqas Assad Khan An empirical performance analysis: A comparison of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Pakistan Faisal Iqbal An empirical performance analysis of Islamic and conventional Banks in Pakistan Farooq Nassri Liquidity risk Management: a comparative study between Islamic and conventional banks Sikandar Customer’s criteria for selecting an Islamic bank and satisfaction
of customers from the products of Islamic bank: Evidence from Pakistan Hina Gul Awareness and perception of students about Islamic Banking Sherjeel Hussain An Empirical performance analysis of Islamic VS conventional Bank Of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Determinants of Rapid Growth in Islamic Banking in Pakistan Muhammad Wahab Features of Mudarabah Muhammad Zakir Ullah Financial performance Analysis of Islamic Banks and conventional Banks in Pakistan Amin Ullah Comparative study of Islamic Stocks and conventional stocks Zohaib Raza Effect of global crisis on Islamic & conventional banks performance in Pakistan Farhan Ullah Understanding and awareness of the local business men regarding Islamic Business based banking Syed Imran Ur Rehman Performance comparison of Islamic and conventional bank in Pakistan Tauheed Ullah Problem and Prospects Of Interest free Islamic banking Kamran Khan Performance comparison of Islamic Banks vs Conventional Banks Riaz Ullah How the customers perceive Islamic Banking Samad Khan Comparative Analysis of Conventional Vs Islamic Banking Mian Adnan Gul Comparative performance of Islamic versus conventional Banks during global Financial crisis Shahid Ullah Comparison Of Growth Of Islamic And Conventional Banks : A comparative Study of Commercial Banks in Peshawar Muhammad Jawad Risk management of Islamic banks Obaid ur Rehman Contribution of Islamic financial institutions to economic growth Asif Iqbal Comparison of Socially responsible investing by Islamic and conventional banks. Sheraz Ahmed Analysis of Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts structure from shariah perspective and its contribution to the global economy Pashmeena Gul The impact of capital structure on shareholder’s earnings Zahir Khan Islamic Equity and effect shariah principles on stock index Muhammad Ullah Role of Waqf and Pakistan Bait ul Maal in Poverty Alleviation. Muhammad Sajid Impact study of the application of Kibor in Islamic banks. Khawaja Muhammad Adil Analysis of ijarah sukuk its structure and issues with AAOIFI and way forward Zuhaib Aftab Assessment of sukuk and its utilization in Pakistan Faheem Ullah The understanding of Islamic finance among general public of Peshawar Habiba Bangash Nakheel Sukuk : Its Prospects & Problems Salman Ali Khan Financial Performance of Islamic and Conventional Banks of Pakistan Nadir Khan Business Pattern in Relation to Insure and Takaful from Market Survey in Peshawar Syed Umar Hayat Issues in Islamic Credit Advancement Jalal Ahmad Financial Performance Comparison of Islamic Banks Muhammad Jasim Comparison of Efficiency and Profitability and Islamic and Conventional Banks in Pakistan Akhtar Zamir A Comparative Study on The Financial Performance of Conventional & Islamic Bank Through Financial Ratios Adil Saeed Khan Comparative Analysis of Islamic Contract of Leasing “Ijara” and Conventional Leasing From General Public Perspective Shaheed Mehboob Customers Financing Needs vis-à-vis Financing Products of Islamic Banks in Pakistan- Peshawar Region Shams Uddin Risk Management Practices and Financial Performance of Islamic Banks in Pakistan Ahmad Saeed A Comparative Study of Customers Perception of the Islamic Contract of Leasing IJARA and Conventional Leasing Shahzad Sajjad Credit Risk Management in Islamic and Conventional Banks Qaiser Khan Performance Comparison of Islamic and Conventional Banks and Analysis of Pakistan Khalid Mehmood Banking Behavior of Islamic Banks Customers in Peshawar Sardar Abdul Saboor Financial Performance of Islamic Vs Conventional Banks in Pakistan Shoaib Wahab Financial Performance of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Pakistan Hidayat Ullah Assessing the Concept of Islamic Banking in the Micro Finance Market in KPK Muhammad Faheem Ullah Problems of Interest Free Islamic Banking in Peshawar Pakistan Asghar Ali Did Islamic Banking Perform Better in Financial Crises? Evidence from Pakistan Muhammad Yasir Performance Comparison Between Islamic & Conventional Mutual Funds Yasir Aziz A Study of Performance Comparison Between Conventional and Islamic Banks in Pakistan Ameen Ullah Awareness Level  of Islamic Banking Among the People of Pakistan Hayat Noor Customer Satisfaction in Islamic and Commercial Banks Iftikhar Khan impact of Islamic Banking Growth on Convention Banking Sector Muhammad Hussain Awareness of Islamic Banking Products Rafaqat Ali Acceptance and Growth of Islamic Banking Industry in Pakistan Zubair Ahmad Perception of Individual Consumers Towards Islamic Banking Products and Services in Peshawar Faizan Ul Hassan A Study on Consumer’s Performance of Islamic Banking Products and Services in Peshawar Ayaz Muhammad Khan A Comparative Study Social and Financial Performance of Islamic Microfinance Institution and Conventional Microfinance Institute in Pakistan Saleem Jaffar Khan Determinants of Profitability in Islamic Banking of Pakistan Usman Ali The Impact of Interest Rates on Islamic Banks Qazi Sikandar Hayat

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