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Market research questionnaire template pdf

Feb 26, 2018

Market Research Questionnaire

MarketResearch Questionnaire

To help us to build more information about the type of people using Limavady’s

tourism infrastructure and the level of satisfaction within the tourism amenities

in existence, we would ask you to take a few minutes of your time to answer the

following questions. This will help us in planning future tourism projects for the

future to ensure we meet our customer needs. Complete the survey and send it

back to

[email protected]

. Enter


as the subject.

Q.1Do you live in Limavady


If you have answered no to the above question, please continue to question 2.

If you have answered yes, please continue to question 11

Q.2Have you visited Limavady

Yes No

If you have answered no to the above question, please continue to question 14.

If you have answered yes, please continue to question 3

Q.3 How long is your visit to Limavady

Daytrip Overnight visit1-3 days

3-7 daysOver 1 week

If you have answered daytrip to the last question, please continue to question

5. If you have answered any alternative answer to the above question, please

continue to question 4.

Q.4What type of accommodation are you staying in during your visit

Founded in 2002, Amplitude Research® is one of the top mail, telephone and online survey companies serving clients throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and Asia.

We have designed a variety of Market Research Surveys for a diverse list of customers including commercial, educational and governmental agencies. Our marketing survey projects have helped companies ranging in size from global Fortune 100 companies to regional organizations.

Sample Market Research Survey Template

Market Research Survey - Sample Questionnaire

Anyone who has worked in the field of marketing must have come across the term market research at least once! The marketing department of a certain company carries out a market research at regular intervals to find out about market trends, ups and downs, and other factors that could affect your company.  You can also see Marketing Campaign Templates.

Usually a market analysis template is used for this. Every company has a fixed target audience, and it is important to find out about how these marketing strategies could be implemented and how they can prove effective with that particular target audience. You can also see Marketing Templates.

Printable Marketing Research Proposal Template


Editable Cost Analysis of Market Research Method


Monthly Marketing Report Template


Editable Market Survey Template


Market Research Template


File Format

Size: 1.1 MB


Market research and marketing research, although similar, are slightly different in meaning. The former is a study of the market and the market trends. For that, use market research templates.

Market Analysis Template


File Format

Size: 1 MB


Every marketing department has a team of analysts who analyse the various market trends and study each and every aspect of it. For that, they use market analyst templates.

Marketing Campaign Template


File Format

Size: 1.4 MB


Based on the research and the results that were obtained from the research, effective marketing strategies are created. You can use marketing campaign templates for that.

Statics for Marketing Research


File Format

Size: 17 KB


Marketing Research Student Data


File Format

Size: 53.8 KB


Market Research Report Template


File Format

Size: 29.2 KB


Market Research Progress Report


File Format

Size: 74.8 KB


DSCA Market Research Guide


File Format

Size: 213.5 KB


After market research has been carried out, an official report has to be presented, stating the findings and observations. Given the fact that this is an official report, you will have to adhere to the specific format. If you aren’t aware of this format, don’t worry! To create this official report, you’ll need to follow a specific format which is demonstrated in a market research template Word!

Uses of Marketing Research Templates:

There are plenty of benefits of using marketing research templates. Some of them are-

Why go for Marketing Research Templates?

If you have worked in the marketing field for a while now, you must be pretty familiar with the concept of marketing research. This is actually the most important function of the marketing department of the company. For example, if the company is launching a new product, they would like to study the trends of the market before they launch marketing campaigns.

They should also be able to study the response of the market to such a product. All that is covered in marketing research. Now this can be pretty complicated unless you know shortcuts. One such shortcut would have to be the various marketing templates that are found online.


Tips for using Marketing Research Templates

Now that you’ve decided to use marketing research templates, you should keep the following in mind-


We are here to help!

Have you been trying to get your hands on free marketing research templates? Then is the right place for you. So come on, what are you waiting for? You can also see Photography Marketing Templates.

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