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Jun 2, 2018

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What Christmas Means To Me

How to start an essay

What Christmas means to me is a very interesting topic to write about as it allows one to give personal opinion about the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas can mean many things for different individuals and writing an essay about this topic would only demand from a writer an experience and a description about his or her own perspective about this event. To start an essay about this topic, author must ponder and remember interesting happenings during this time. It is best to recall happy memories and practices that they participate in during this event. It usually includes gift giving, family bonding and travelling. To start your essay, try to share the feeling of what makes you happy and joyful during these Christmas moments.

Example of introduction:

During Christmas, I spend my time together with family and relatives as we give gifts and eat a meal together. I usually leave the city life as I go back to the countryside to spend time with my relatives who live there. In the country side, it is cold because of the snow, but it is the place where I experience very special warmth, the warmth of love, and the coziness of home surrounded by the people I love. Christmas for me, is the simple feeling of being thankful, not for the material belongings that I have or receive, but for the opportunity to bond and spend precious time with my family, friends, and relatives in a place that I am comfortable in.

Example of thesis:

Christmas Time is a very valuable and precious span of time that grants me happiness, joy and gratitude.

How to write the body

To write body paragraphs on this topic, author can divide by sharing experience, feelings, and wishes. By doing so, you are able to fill the required content by also creating a nice flow to the essay. The story and how it develops is most important in these types of essays.

Example of body paragraphs for essay:

Example: (1st )

In my experience, Christmas time is a time that is utilized to rest from the stresses and demands of life in general. Our modern society usually follow strict and hectic guidelines and schedules but Christmas break allows one to be one’s true self in the presence of the family and the remembrance of true spirituality in the teachings of Christ. In my home, we decorate our Christmas tree with our own handmade Christmas balls. We do it as a family bonding and at the same time, it allows our creativity to flow, adding to the valuable memory of Christmas time. The Christmas tree symbolizes the strength of our family bond and the beauty of our relationships. It stands tall, shiny and wonderful at the center of our living room, beside the warmth and coziness of the light from our fireplace. It emphasizes the comfort and the happiness that one can only cherish in a place that one can call home.

Example: (2nd)

Christmas Time for me means gratitude and joy as it is a moment that I spend to truly realize the gift of Life. Our modern world would usually say that it is a time to be happy, and yet they search for joy in the things and the material possessions and objects that they acquire. Sometimes, people forget that true joy comes from contentment in whatever situation they are in, and for me, it is being able to spend time with the people that I love. Seeing them happy gives my heart a happiness that transcends anything that I have ever felt, and I can only call it Love. Christmas is Love, as it gives people the opportunity to be grateful and aware of the time and precious moments that they can truly be happy. For me, reminding each and every one to never forget the meaning of Christmas is a must.

Example: (3rd)

Christmas is deemed as a celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ but what is most important is the remembrance not only of his birth but of his teachings of love, giving, sharing, and gratitude. By saying our graces and our thanks, it is imputable to be in a state of love, such that we are able to feel true joy not from materials and things but from the spirit of sharing, giving and appreciating. How I wish that everyone can put at the center of their hearts the sharing of this light in wisdom and in action. Through love, we can make the world a happier place, and what greater opportunities to share this light other than Christmas time.

How to conclude

To conclude your essay of the topic “What Christmas Means to Me”, make sure to present a message that is unique and from the heart. Do not forget to insert a reference that resonates with the concept of Christmas and put into words your emotion in order to move the reader and to leave an impression of your opinion of what Christmas means to you.

Example of conclusion:

Christmas time is indeed a wonderful time to truly appreciate life. It is an opportunity to realize true happiness by saying grace and gratitude of the true gifts and wonders that our life has to offer. It makes us realize which are truly precious and it gives us a perception and a glimpse of how our hearts can truly feel love. Love is about being able to give not material things but an opportunity derives from oneself something that goes beyond our bodies, which transcends and permeates our soul. The Christmas spirit is being able to live in peace and in joy and being able to share this space towards others, especially to those who are close to us. The meaning of Christmas is being able to be thankful of our lives no matter what and being able to summon love from our hearts and openly giving it to our fellowmen, and extending it to all life in our planet.


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