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Apr 24, 2018

NAURYZ Once the Kazakh people lived in spacious steppes and at that time yet there were no calendars. They defined arrival of spring intuitively if warm sunshine started to get into the top opening of a yurta, means, to long frosty winter there came the end. According to old chronology this day usually coincided with March 21. Was considered that in day of arrival of spring there is an updating of the nature which was symbolized usually by a spring thunder. These days kidneys on trees started to bulk up, and the steppe was gradually painted by bright flowers and young greens.

Holiday Nauryz – one of the most ancient holidays on Earth. He is marked out already more than five thousand years as a holiday of spring and nature updating by many people of Forward and Central Asia. The name of a holiday coincides with the name of month as Nauryz in a translation from Kazakh means – March. Kazakhs had a special custom – if in March the girl was born, it was named by Nauryzgul or simply Nauryz. The boys born this month, it was accepted to call Nauryzbek or Nauryzbay.

Was considered that in March the most beautiful boys and girls as their skin was similar to the soft snow-white snow which is dropping out this month are born. In day of a holiday it was accepted to cover “dastarkhan” – a spacious cloth on which every possible viands were put. The main festive course called “Nauryz kozhe”, which was preparing from 7 ingredients: was: water, meat, salt, 7 types of grain: rice, perlovka, oats, buckwheat, corn, millet, wheat and milk. To festive “table” invited neighbors therefore on the eve of a celebration it was necessary to order housing.

On one of traditions it was necessary to repay all debts, then all next year a family will be well off and in anything not to need. In day of a holiday all were kind with each other, presented with the warmest and light wishes that with approach of spring they were avoided by diseases and troubles. Many traditions of this holiday are similar to celebration of modern New year. Kazakhs also tried to dress all new, to fill the house with tasty food and to present a part of heat to relatives that future season passed without are necessary also misfortunes.

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This day by all means it was necessary to address congratulations to the younger brother and all native. Than more guests came to the house, bigger wellbeing expected subjects a family next year. Today Nauryz became a public holiday of spring, work and unity. Today this holiday is equally expensive to all people living in multinational Kazakhstan. The ancient holiday Nauryz was harmoniously transformed to modern life, having kept continuity of traditions of an antiquity.

“Culture is a process for identity of living creatures and cultural evolution raises the identity of society, benefit goes to its individuals. Culture is the domain of human activity associated with self-expression of a person, a manifestation of his subjectivity. That’s why every culture has additional features, as related to both the `creative person, and everyday practice, communication, reflection, generalization, and his daily life” (Religious Studies:Textbook / Ed. MM Shakhanovich. – St. Petersburg. Peter, 2006). On our planet, there are so many different countries with their own traditions, customs and culture, The relationship between these cultures and people rather strained, so there are national characteristics, specific to each nation. Actually, it’s not a secret that, traditions that are normal for Europeans, is totally unacceptable for Asian people. After the failure of etiquette, tradition and cultural heritage of the country, can lead to various conflicts. The uniquences of individual nation, lies precisely in its cultural characteristics that are unique to him. ( Every culture 2011) “Kazakh ethnic group, held a long period of formation, in which participated many tribes and nations, has an important place in the history of Eurasia, and one of the oldest ethnic groups. It is the successor to the cultural heritage of all nations who took part in its formation, so that the Kazakh people – one of the richest nations in cultural terms. Kazakh culture until the twentieth century was a nomadic”. (Every culture 2011) According to the Kazakh traditions, guests are treated to the Kazakh national cuisine for dastarkhan (dinner table) in yurt.

Yurt, adapted to nomadic life and a very effective tool in the process of nomadic meets all the requirements of the nomadic lifestyle can be easily disassembled and quickly installed a new location. Kazakhs have a lot of different traditional events, like Nauryz, or Spring Festival, Shildehana and so on. Nauryz falls on the vernal equinox. On this day, every woman cook a special dish, “Nauryz kozhe”, which consists of seven types of products: Siberian millet, wheat, rice, barley, millet, meat, and kurt.

People go from village to village, eat this food, sing the song “Nauryz”, hug, congratulate each other a Happy New Year and wish a good offspring in the new year and prosperity at home. “Shildehana” – celebrated on the birth of son, wealthy people inviting people and organized contests of singers, trick riding on horseback. Also Kazakhstan like all countries where the spread of Islam, it was customary to  religious holiday – “Eid”. In this celebration, the sheep and lambs are sacrificed in the name of God..

The meat is given to the poor, and partly used for the family. An obligatory ritual of the holiday is a common prayer in the mosque prior to sacrifice. In this day of celebration in every home preparing a meal, all congratulate each other. At that time, “the more you learn about French traditions and culture, the more you will be interested in. France has a long and varied history to draw upon, and countless legends and customs have been passed from generation to generation. In addition, each region of France is quite unique”. Easy-french 2011) They expect guests and foreigners to behave in the same manner that they do. The French are all about preserving their culture and being individualized. “France is culturally vivid and varied phenomenon. Various times, manifest in the architecture of France, calling each other, also appear the picturesque outline of the locks, bridges, towers” (Everyculture 2011). When the French come off the art, they are happy to deal with such sports as football, rugby, basketball, cycling. Bycicle race tour in France popular all over the world.

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Traditional games such as bowls, are also very popular. “France is a secular state. The main religion is Roman Catholicism, but it doesn’t play a leading role in public life and experiencing a relative decline. Islam is the second most common religion, followed by Protestantism and Judaism” (Yakovlev, EG Aesthetics: A. Tutorial. – M. : Gardariki, 2003). So, people can notice, there are a lot of differences and similarities between European and Asian countries. In general, the greeting in both countries absolutely different.

For instance, in France, “when people greet each other, they shake hands or embrace with a kiss on both cheeks . Kissing is only done when two people are close friends or relatives. For the most part, the embrace is done only the first time in a day in which one sees someone and is not repeated again until one says good-bye” ( Every culture 2011). Likwise in Kazakhstan, if you know the person very well, you should greet with a kiss on one cheek once and shake hands. Notably, in both countries, almost the same greeting.

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