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Oral history research paper example

May 10, 2018

Freedom of speech and thought matters, especially when it is speech and thought with which we disagree. The moment the majority decides to destroy people for engaging in thought it dislikes, thought crime becomes a reality. Ben Shapiro

             The subject that I have chosen to write the oral history essay on is my dad, Mr Mohamed Ali. This essay will analyse the oral history interview transcript and will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of oral history when compared with other forms of historical material.
             This essay is based on the oral history interview which I undertook on the 11/04/03 with Mr M Ali at his home. The interview was conducted in Arabic, so therefore the translated transcript is not an absolute word for word translation, but the most completed that I was able to produce.
             "a life story or biographical approach is best.
             in which an interviewee is encouraged to relate.
             their life chronologically beginning with family.
             background, childhood, religion, working.
             life and later family life" .
             (Perks 1992, p14).
             I think to begin to have a clearer understanding and to place the whole interview in context it is always advisable to begin the interview with the subject's background. The Branston and Stafford (1999, p233) suggestion is that personal identity and the background interpretation of the ordinary individual could raise new and important information in an oral interview. I will begin with and introduction to my subject's life story and then continue on with the analyses of my oral history interview transcript.
             My dad's full name is Mr Mohamed Ali Ibrahim. He was born on the 31st of January 1937 on a warm, misty night. My dad's family were all from Eritrea in East Africa, which is near Sudan and Ethiopia. At the period of my fathers birth Italy ruled Eritrea and throughout his childhood there were soldiers patrolling the villages. He was born in a small village called Adi Keyih, which is south of the capital Asmara, where all his family were born before they were forced to moved to Bakra by the Italian rulers.
             His father, Ibrahim Sulaman Orey, had been married twice before and had four other children before he met his mother.

Posters & Oral Presentations

Good scientific research involves a sound methodology and a novel idea that can be tested simply and repeatedly to give valid, trustworthy results. However, even the most clinically significant research is useless if it is not communicated successfully. Scientific ideas are novel, sometimes simple in theory, but most always complex in technique. These attributes of research make it necessary to use all available means of presentation. The most common media for scientists to communicate with the general public is primary journal articles. However, posters and oral presentations are also affective because they allow scientists to be in direct contact with their audience. This provides both parties an opportunity to ask pertinent questions to add clarity to the work being presented.

A poster is an exciting way for scientists to present their research. It, just as a primary research article, includes all aspects of the scientific method. A title that is brief, but specific, an abstract, an introduction, material and methods, results, and a conclusion are some headings that can appear on a poster. Also, references and acknowledgments are sometimes are included. A poster is different from a written manuscript or an oral presentation because it is mostly graphical. As such, it is important to design a poster that is visually pleasing by focusing on charts, graphs, and pictures and minimizing lengthy introductions and discussions. Highlighting all significant information with the use of bullets is essential because if further explanation is needed the audience will simply ask for it.

Oral presentations are yet another avenue for scientists to share their findings with the world. Although it can be challenging to present years of works within fifteen minutes, oral presentations can be a rewarding experience because you are the only one front of an audience whose attention you know have. Of course this emphasizes the need to speak clearly and concisely with choice words that engross the audience. Again, just as with written manuscript and posters the format of oral presentations can also vary, but essentially it must include logical, easy-to-understand events that are presented in a matter with respect to the scientific method.

Electronic Resources

Poster Presentation

This is an excellent site that covers all aspects of a poster presentation from creating a poster to presenting one. It also provides several examples with critiques for each sample. Lastly, it has a quick reference page with helpful tips for delivering a successful poster presentation.

Oral Presentation

This site is cited by the NIH and is quite useful when designing an oral presentation. It addresses all aspects of a scientific talk from planning and preparing to practicing and presenting. It is brief and easy to follow with helpful tips on how to prepare for the question/answer session.

Document Resources  

Scientific Poster: Tips, Significance, Design, Templates and Presentation

This document provides tips and temples for designing a poster presentation. It also discusses the significance of a poster presentation and includes a section that gives advice on how to present successfully.

Oral Presentations: Tips, Significance, Design, Guidelines & Presentation

This document provides tips and guidelines for designing an oral presentation. It also discusses the significance of an oral presentation and includes a section that gives advice on how to present successfully.

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