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Phd research topics in strategic management

Apr 2, 2018

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The PhD in Management research topica are listed below:

Reflective Management Learning
Finance, Accounting and Economics
Information Systems and Digital Business Technology
Strategy, People Management and Salford Law
Marketing and Services Management
Operations and Global Logistics Management
Management Science and Statistics
Digital Business
Social Business
Sports Business
Developing New Service Offerings
Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs
Adoption of Service Innovation
Developing New Service Offerings
Family-Friendly, Flexible Working: Is There a Business Case
Forecasting in Electricity Markets
Modelling the Risk in Networks for Supply Chains and Other Contexts
Industry Evolution and Firm Dynamics
Leadership and change in professional service firms
Configuring Lean and Agile Supply Chains to Balancing Cost Efficiency, Customer Responsiveness and Business Continuity
Rationales and Modes of Giving in Business Communities
Corporate Social Responsibility

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ABSTRACT: The article discusses peculiarities of human resource management in the context of contemporary challenges, investigates relations between the elements of the internal environment and challenges for human resource management. The author of the article believes that scientific publications on human resource management still do not pay enough attention to certain elements of management process, i.e. proper systematization of organizational goals, perception of organizational management structures in the new environment, etc. Management practice of staff selection is characterized by the tendency of the organization to dominate, meanwhile the expectations of the candidate are very often sacrificed, and little interest is shown in the development of the sense of loyalty in new employees. The author acknowledges that due to ever-increasing competition organizations cannot ignore the changes that are happening, and on the basis of his researches he identifies the obstacles which hinder many Lithuanian organizations from participating in the contemporary process of changes. The article provides the author’s suggestions for the improvement of human resources management in the environment of Lithuanian organizations.

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