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Postgraduate coursework degree

Apr 2, 2018

There are a number of different types of Postgraduate Coursework qualifications available.

Masters by Coursework (full-time: 1-2 years)

A Masters by Coursework degree is defined as a program of study that has a coursework component of two thirds or more. It provides the opportunity to master a specific field of study or professional practice through a combination of coursework and research.

Graduate Diploma (1 year) or Graduate Certificate (1/2 year)

Graduate Diplomas and Certificates are coursework awards offered by many areas in the University. They may provide a professional qualification or they may be of an introductory nature, providing a pathway for further studies in a particular area.

Professional Certificate (1/2 year)

Professional Certificates are short academic degrees available in many specialist disciplines that may articulate with other awards. The qualification covers a wide range of specialised needs ranging from initial and ongoing professional development to preparation for further postgraduate study.

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Did you know that Curtin graduates with a postgraduate degree earned the highest salaries among their graduate peers in Western Australia according to the 2018 Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) report? With a postgraduate qualification from Curtin, you’ll develop the skills you need to advance your career or take a new direction. Experience WA’s largest range of industry-aligned postgraduate degrees today and discover why Curtin graduates are so highly desired by employers.


Get ready for a life at uni

Studying a postgraduate degree at Curtin means considering several factors about your career, life and interests.

How you can study

Discover the variety of postgraduate course delivery methods, including full-time or part-time, online and studying overseas.

Can I apply?

Admission criteria varies according to the postgraduate course. This may be a completed undergraduate degree, or credit for previous study or work experience.

Course Search

Course Search

Have any questions about courses, admission criteria, alternative pathways or anything else Curtin related? We can answer it.

We will start by helping you with information on which course is the best for you to study. There are very many postgraduate coursework degrees, and you can choose from any of them. But you must consider some essential things when you are choosing the course. We have the prerequisite skills to help you choose the best for you at any given time. The programs offered in the postgraduate degrees are meant to cater for the industry and business requirements for development of careers and for the upgrading of status and qualifications. While we offer writing assignment help to students when they have started their postgraduate courses, the most important is to get them into the program and to guide them through the entire coursework, even when it entails preparing a high-quality diffusion and osmosis lab report.

A very good look at the course requirements before the application is very essential. In this case, you have to research the course options so as to find courses that will interest you. When you have found a course that interests you, the next thing you have to do is to research the entry requirements for the courses. This is because each particular course comes with its special course requirement which you must meet before you are accepted into the course. The general or standard post graduate coursework in the western universities will include three main things. They are the academic requirements, credits for previous studies and English language requirements. We will help you to take care of all these and ensure that you have them. We can help with the best English language tests to achieve the grade you need, and we can help with programs that will allow you to garner the academic requirements if you are lacking in any of them. We will even be ready to give you sample coursework help while this is going on.

When you have the requirements, you now apply for the course. Now, when you are applying for postgraduate studies, one thing you have to bear in mind is that the popular degrees mostly have limited spaces. This means that you should be ready to apply at least two or three months before the deadline so that you will not be disappointed. We are good in handling postgraduate coursework issues for international students. We know what is required of you and will help you achieve them so that you will gain a place in the postgraduate program. While we help you with the coursework requirements and possibly visa preparations for international students, you will also get the best grant proposal format from us in case you need to apply for scholarships.

Some of the postgraduate courses like the masters by coursework will require some research action and in this case the student may write a minor thesis. However, in the case of a postgraduate research work, it is all about a major thesis. The award of the degree depends on the thesis and this must involve an original independent research with a senior academic as the supervisor. In this case, some units may be taken for the expansions of skills. But this is strictly dependent on the student involved.

One more observation to make is that the postgraduate coursework for international students is always different from that of local students. This involves both the entry coursework requirements and the program coursework. This is all due to the fact that there may be some courses that are not available in your area, but is required for entry. Because of this, you may have to run some other courses before you are eligible for admission into a foreign university. If this is the case, we can also offer you some postgraduate coursework help as an international student.

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