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May 1, 2018

Have you ever met someone for the first time and gotten an uneasy feeling about them? They had a clammy hand when you shook their hand, …

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Automotive Grade Linux Project Page

Automotive Grade Linux performs work via projects that are approved by the AGL Steering Committee and Advisory Board.

AGL aims to have active projects that allow companies and individuals to participate by managing projects transparently.

AGL Project Lifecycle

The Automotive Grade Linux project lifecycle is designed to allow all AGL stakeholders to have

  1. The ability to propose new projects

  2. Transparency into the project approval process

  3. Visibility into currently executing projects

The AGL Project Lifecycle is fully described here.

New projects can be proposed by Contacting Us to get started.

In-Progress Projects

The list of projects currently in the execution phase can be seen here in Jira.

Approved Projects

These projects have been approved by the Steering Committee and are in the planning stage.


Proposed Projects

These projects are in review by the Steering Committee.


Received Projects

This list is sorted according to priority as set by the AGL Steering Committee.

List of all projects that have been received, but not started.

Project Parking Lot

These projects were reviewed by the Steering Committee and are on-hold for one reason or another.


Completed Projects

How to Make a Project Proposal

If you have a new project idea, please Contact Us to get started.

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