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Pyrrhic defeat thesis writing

May 2, 2018

"Gibbs?" Abby shook his shoulder frantically, but he didn't move. "Gibbs, don't do this!" She grabbed the call button and pressed with all her might, then ran to the door. "We need help in here!" she yelled.

Doctors and nurses began streaming in, muttering terse phrases in worried voices. Abby scrambled out of her suit and hurried out to where Tony, Kate, and Ducky were watching with worried faces. Tony grabbed Abby's arm. "What happened?"

"I don't know." Abby brushed a tear away from her cheek. "I think...I hope he's just passed out."

Ducky and Kate stepped forward to hug her and Tony's jaw set in a determined line. "That tears it,' he said grimly. He pressed Abby into Ducky's arms and started for the door.

"Tony?" Kate called. "Where are you going?" Tony didn't even turn around.

"To get that blasted antigen!"


Tobias Fornell was writing in a file folder when his office door burst open. A second later, he was standing with his back against the filing cabinet, a SIG-Sauer at his throat, and staring into the green eyes of a very angry NCIS agent.

"I want the anti-virus," Fornell," Tony said through clenched teeth. "And I want it now!"

"DiNozzo, I told you, I can't compromise---"

"Compromise?" Tony shoved him toward the door. "Let me show you what you're compromising."


Tony pushed open the door to the ICU and ushered Fornell up to the end of the hall. Kate was standing by herself, looking silently through the window to Gibbs' room. She didn't notice them until they were next to her. Then she looked briefly at Tony before turning back to the window.

Tony shoved Fornell up so that his face was practically embedded in the glass. "Take a good look Fornell," Tony said in an icy whisper. "And see the man who's life you're compromising."

Fornell looked and found himself unable to breathe. Abby sat in a chair on the right of the bed, clutching Gibbs' hand. Ducky stood behind her, his hand on her shoulder. Both were staring at the unconscious figure in the bed.

Gibbs did not appear to have moved since Abby had screamed for help. His skin was pale and part of his hair was plastered against his forehead with perspiration. There was an oxygen tub on his face - but his chest barely appeared to be moving.

"Gibbs is going to die unless he gets that antigen," Tony said hoarsely. "Don't make me ask you again." Fornell turned to look at him and he added, "Please."


It was a half hour later when Tony and Fornell returned to the ICU. Kate watched as they walked up to Doctor Austin. Fornell's face was one of grim resignation, while Tony looked tired, yet triumphant. Fornell handed a vial to the doctor, then with a curt nod left the unit. Tony approached Kate as the doctor went into Gibbs' room.

"How is he?" Tony said quietly.

"There's been no change." Abby and Ducky joined them and they watched as Dr. Austin carefully prepared the syringe and injected the antigen into a vein in Gibbs' arm. Kate felt Abby's hand tighten on her elbow. Gibbs gave no sign that he had even felt the injection.

The doctor removed the syringe, put her fingers against Gibbs' wrist to check for a pulse, then listened to his heart with her stethoscope. She came out a few moments later.

"Well, he's received the antigen. Now it's up to him and whether he's received it in time."

"How long before we know?" Kate asked.

"If it's taken effect, Agent Gibbs should regain consciousness within four hours."

Tony nodded. "Thank you," he said quietly.

When Dr. Austin had gone, Tony glanced at his watch. "It's midnight now. If Fornell knows what's good for him, he'll be relocated in the Witness Protection Program by 0400." The others managed slight smiles.

"I'm going back in there," Abby said softly.

Ducky turned to the other two. "You two might want to have a seat. This time is going to crawl."

"Any ideas about what this reminds you of, Ducky?" Kate asked.

Ducky thought for a minute, then shrugged ruefully. "Only a thesis I did in University." Tony raised his eyebrows.

"Waiting for the grade or burning the midnight oil?"

"Neither," Ducky replied. "The topic was Medieval Torture."


0100 - the first hour. Abby and Kate slumped in chairs as Tony sat on the windowsill in the hall, staring out over Washington. A light rain had begun to fall. Ducky took the seat by Gibbs' bedside.

"Come on, Jethro," the older man said softly. "Don't give up on us now."


0200 and the halfway point. Gibbs had not stirred. Dr. Austin came back into the room and checked Gibbs' vitals again, giving Tony a sympathetic smile on her way out of the room. Tony nodded tightly from where he was seated by Gibbs' bedside, then stood up and started pacing.

Out in the hall, Ducky clasped a hand over Abby's. "Not long now."


0300. Tony had not quit pacing, only moved out to the hall and let Kate take his place in Gibbs' room. She glanced at him briefly as she passed, but didn't say anything, just turned and stared at the second hand slowly moving around the clock.


Tony glanced at his watch. "3:35 - we're coming up on four hours," he said tersely. "Come on, Boss." Kate bit her lip and rested her head lightly on the edge of the propped up pillow.

There was a soft rustling noise and Kate jerked her head up with a start. "Gibbs?"

Tony and Abby stepped closer to the glass as Gibbs' head shifted slightly on the pillow. A moment later his eyelids fluttered, then opened, slowly circling the room before coming to rest on Kate.

"Hey," Gibbs said in a hoarse voice. "You happen to bring any coffee with you?"

Kate laughed and a sob caught in her throat. "Welcome back, Gibbs," she said, trying to smile through her tears. "Welcome back."

Gibbs turned his head to see the others push back the glass door and enter the room. Tony had his arm around Abby's shoulder, and both of them were smiling. Ducky was close behind them, grinning proudly. Gibbs returned the smile with one of his own, weaker than usual, but very welcome to see.



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