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Related works in thesis paper

Mar 9, 2018

A thesis paper is defined as a type of academic writing which shows learner’s profound knowledge in some academic field by revealing mastering writing skills of a student. These papers belong to lengthy kinds of assignments and are written by those categories of students who plan to start an academic career. By submitting thesis, learner receives academic degree and gets more opportunities to develop his scientific interest in prestigious universities.

There exist two main kinds of thesis: Masters and PhD. This type of academic writing is scientific explanation of a thoroughly investigated theme related to the major subject. Scientific supervisors expect it to be informative, knowledgeable, meaningful and insightful. Additionally, the student’s main task is to have strong skills of collecting and analyzing the information. The hardest thing to do is to provide a proper deep analysis of the theme and present it in original manner.


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My Thesis and Related Works

(Click on the underlined links to see full text.  Full citations are listed.)

Barbra Gregory, Entropy and Complexity in Music: Some examples, Masters thesis (Karl Petersen, advisor), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2004.  

Conference Papers

Barbra Gregory, The Musical Vocabulary of the Nzakara Harpists, Proceedings of BRIDGES:  Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (Winfield, Kansas) (Reza Sarhangi and Carlo S´equin, ed.), Central Plain Book Manufacturing, 2004, pp. 339-340.

Barbra Gregory, Measuring the Complexity of the Musical Vocabulary of the Nzakara Harpists, Proceedings of Renaissance Banff: Mathematics, Music, Art, Culture (Banff, Alberta, Canada) (Reza Sarhangi and Robert V. Moody, ed.), Central Plain Book Manufacturing, 2005, pp. 143-148.


August 1, 2004, Measuring the Musical Vocabulary of the Nzakara Harpists, BRIDGES: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science, Winfield, KS. 

November 17, 2004, Master's Thesis Defense, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

March 25, 2005, Entropy and Complexity in Music: Some examples, SIAM-SEAS, The Citadel and College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.

July 31-Aug 3, Measuring the Musical Vocabulary of the Nzakara Harpists, Renaissance Banff: Mathematics, Music, Art, Culture, Banff, Alberta, Canada.  Click here to view the .pdf slides.

Other People's Research

Here is a paper by Marc Chemillier (whose work originally inspired my work with the Nzakara harp patterns).  There is a nice summary of part of my thesis on pages 8 and 9.  (in French)

Klaus-Peter Brenner has also studied the Nzakara harp patterns.  His book is Die kombinatorisch strukturierten Harfen- und Xylophonpattern der Nzakara (Zentralafrikanische Republik) als klingende Geometrie.  Eine Alternative zu Marc Chemilliers Kanonhypothese, Holos-Verlag, Bonn, 2004.



 This chapter deals with the methods of research used whether it

may be historical, descriptive, and experimental or a case study. The

techniques used under Descriptive Research Method as well as the

data gathering tools and analytical tools used will be further explained

in this chapter as well as the methods used in developing the software

and for evaluation.


Methods of Research Used


e pr



ts hav

e use

d the Des



ve R



ch Met




in the stu

dy is foc


d on pr


nt sit



s. It inv


es the



ing, descripti

on, anal

ysis and the pre


tion of the pre


system, composition or processes of phenomena.

Under the Descriptive Research Method, the technique used is

the Survey Method, which is otherwise known as normative survey. The

results and findings of the study should always be compared with the

standards. With the survey method, researchers are able to statistically



y th

e sp



ic ar


s wh


e th

e pr




s mu

st co






Findings regarding the common practices being done and the methods

which are commonly adopted by the employees are obtained with the

use of the survey method.

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