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Relationship analysis paper thesis

May 6, 2018

Relationship essay

With good relationship essays you can make a lasting impression

There are innumerable points that you could write on relationships; finding a captivating one is the challenge. We could help you with a good relationship essay right away. You would be surprised to see the various kinds of associations, links or relationships that we could focus on. We could also present a few factors of good essay writing to ensure that yours is a well structured one.

An essay on relationships could be challenging when you run short of ideas. Here are some to help you get started

Can a mother and son relationship go awry?

There seems to be nothing more natural than the bond between a mother and a son. However, there are instances when this association creates problems that could be disastrous both for the parent as well as the child. We could help you study the Oedipus Complex, which is relevant here. When there is an obsessive love that a son has for a mother, it clouds all his other relationships, leaving him unfit to have a normal and healthy life with his spouse and others. Use this idea in your relationship essays with suitable case studies using the right essay writing technique.

Associations in the workplace

There is always a debate on how far or intense a relationship should be at the workplace. Is it okay for a boss to be overly interested in the personal lives of his subordinates and vice versa? Would you say that it is inappropriate to have an overriding interest in the affairs of a fellow-worker without building up a real strong friendship? This could be looked at closely in your critical lens essay – we can show you how. Take time to understand the concept and write your relationship essay accordingly.

Friends for life – is this a dream or a reality?

In these times of competition, greed and jealousy, it is quite rare to find two people who remain close to each other for a very long time. They would start off very well and then drift apart as they grow older. There are however instances of friends remaining as close as ever for several decades. These could be very rare instances too. These are relationships that need to be worked on; they do not happen if you fail to nurture this kind of friendship. It is therefore the responsibility of the people involved in this kind of an association to understand the depth of their feelings for each other and do their best to keep it alive. This could be a good responsibility essay that you write on this particular relationship essay topic.

Extra-marital relationships

With the pressures that people face today, survival seems to be virtually impossible at times. In these trying times, relationships between married people tend to sour over a period of time; extra-marital relationships become the norm. You could write a very detailed essay on the reasons behind this problem.

Take time to think of various topics for relationship essays. Finding the right one is half the battle won. We can help you in any stage of the essay writing process.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin

Introduction: Relationship with remarkable man. The crux of relationship and the pillar of support it provides in times of distress.

Theories of Communication: Their specific role in the light of my personal relationship.

Attachment theory

Systems theory

Social exchange theory

Symbolic interaction theory

Standpoint theory

Evolution of Relationship: From attachment to symbolic representations of thoughts, feeling and ideas.

Theory Application:

How understanding each theory you has helped me understand the wide nature of my relationship based on scholarly presentation of sociological, psychological and personal expectations.

How the information helps me to describe, explain or predict the relationship.

Specific examples in accordance with the theory

Application of the theory clearly and completely.

Conclusion: The significance of this relationship in my personal growth and the knowledge of the theories to wider understanding of the feeling into concepts which have been verified and tested. The importance of authentic description and acknowledgment of the theories; which is in harmony with my experience.

Relationships are the anchor of life, on which the waves of the life moulds to shape its course and direction. I have been enriched by personal contact and touch of a very remarkable man who has influenced me more than any other relationship in my personal growth. He has helped me shape my destiny and the direction of my everyday life from mundane chores to a loving experience. I do not live with him, I do not contact him everyday and I do not meet him very often; but he shapes my thoughts, guides my actions and moulds my behavior. I met him when I was a mother of two children, and the very first meeting had the power to draw me into his world, a world made of ethics, discipline and dedication. There was an invisible pull and magnetic draw which could not be ignored or dismissed, it really had to be followed through with sincerity in heart and natural opportunity which presented itself to reinforce and strengthen the relationship. We met regularly for three months, and finally I had to leave with my family to another part of the world. He still influenced my thinking, with his words which had become part of me, his actions which were guided by invisible strings which made me act the way he would have acted and even my look, my talk and walk were done with a memory of his presence somewhere closely watching over me. I was far-away, but I lived with him. Willaim Jennings is right when he says “Destiny is not a mater of chance, it is a matter of choice” He became my destiny in a very subtle but powerful way, he became part of me and I became part of him. Our countries, cultures and religion did not create any walls which could not be broken. There were no rules, no commitments and no connection, yet we were closely and deeply connected. This relationship was my destiny, and I was ready to explore the dimensions in which this destiny presented itself to me.

It is interesting to evaluate, analyze and test my relationship which is the foundation of my life in the light of the emerging theories which have evolved in relation to the communication and relationship. My experience and my identity are created as part of my personal experience, shaping the course of my future and evolution of my character. Communication has been the key to our relationship, communication through words, through subtle responses and understanding messages. Interpersonal relationships are the basis of any growth and advancement in the personal life, and the foundation of all relationships is communication. “Communication is a complex, ongoing process that brings us into contact with the people in our world. Often communication is viewed as a straight forward exchange of messages between a speaker and a listener, but this is a naïve view. Communication is a symbolic process of sharing meanings. A key to interpreting communication is to find the meanings of messages, and those meanings are found in people, not in words. Communication is a continuous process that begins with a first encounter between people and does not end until the last encounter in their lives.”(Galvin and Wilkinson). The knowledge and interpretation of the various theories of communication seems to have a link in the essence of the relationship, it seems one or more theories fit into some context in my own personal theory.

Attachment theory which presents the psychological state and tendency of the person to seek and desire for close association has been the basis of my interaction with this special human being. I would feel much fulfilled and secure when he was around and be very anxious and absentminded when he was not in close range of interaction. I experienced this very strongly in the first three months of my interaction with him. We would meet every Thursdays for my son’s chess lessons, and I would anticipate and feel intense emotion building up as the days got closer to the coming Thursday, and finally was in intense hurry to wrap up everything related to my life, to make that time and reach the place before the assigned time. I would be flustered at every car which halted, every man who said Hello! And wait impatiently for him to come. And when finally he would arrive, I was motionless and speechless, just watching in amazement how he talked, interacted and joked with his pupils and colleagues, and finally how softly he would greet me, with tenderness and loving tone, which seemed to mean more than anything. It felt like eternity, and I still remember my first hand-shake, which was gentle, and so penetrating that it gave me chills and shivers down to my spine. With every, meeting the reinforcement of the first hand-shake was re-lived. I really grew much attached to him with every interaction, until I had to part after three months of exchange to a place where I could communicate only through long distance phone calls or by entering in the sanctuary of my heart.

As my learning process grows deeper, more theories seem to merge with my romantic experience which has the power to shape the rest of my life. Being the rational man he has been, teaching chess and integrating science and philosophy in his everyday life. His interaction seems to fit in beautifully with the systems theory which is scientific inquiry into the natural phenomena, used to simplify the complex reality into known scientific systems. A system which is collection of inter-related segments, that work together by some driving force or process. He would call his relationship with things around him as strong chemical process interacting with the physical properties to generate heat and cold sensations. It was just a simple dance of the electron and protons, and that we are just atoms dancing to the rhythm of the systematic interaction. This theory which propounded a process and validation was very beneficial for my understanding as we were in a relationship, where feelings were strong, but there was not the right moral ground for intimate expression and exchange of the feelings. The System theory of communication gave me another dimension to explore the feelings and strong emotions, without feeling guilty. It brought into play analytical aspect of human feeling and emotion.

As time passed, and the relationship grew with no physical contact and interaction, another very significant theory seemed to become an inherent part of the relationship. The social exchange theory which normally leans towards the give and take ratio in the relationship seemed to become the basis of our communication. This would take place with long distance phone calls from my side, and making time to connect with me from his side. This was an equal exchange of music, books and time. The social exchange of time is what has been the foundation on which our relationship has evolved. Though it is not a cost and benefit in real physical sense, it is a give and take on spiritual plane, where thoughts, time and material exchange of some sort has been able to hold the relationship alive. This theory which impacts the relationship based on the economics, psychology and sociology has been very clearly evident in our interaction. I have spent money making long distance calls, sending gifts and making connections at the risk of being misinterpreted by the society and face the social consequences.  Still, the sincerity of the flow of affection and the draw is so strong none of these things matter. The real asset is in the time, brief time which we have to connect.

As I further got into the understanding of the workings and connection of the various theories in the light of my relationship, I gathered that symbolic interactions had a major role to play in my relationship with this man. The three core principles: the meaning, language and thought have been the crux of our relationship. This has led to deeper understanding of each other and the self. This bridges the gap and vacuum created by the boundaries of the nation and the distance, because we feel deeply connected to the self which is the core of our existence. The social constraints fade in the light of the symbolic connection with the self feeling and integrating into the symbols and language and the thought process.   The meaning is hidden in our continuity of interaction and language is the medium and the thought is what gives impetus to the continuity of our relationship without doubt and guilt. Everything centers around the self, which is creation of the social concept, but our relationship has evolved from the foundation of the social concept to an interaction which is determined by just eh self and the other self, where I look at my self and my actions from his perspective and change and modify to please him or appeal to him. He has been the catalyst of the change in me which the society sees but is not able to perceive. It is a purely symbolic interaction, with meaning, language and thought. The self is a function of language, without talk there would be no self concept.

Finally my understanding rests with the Standpoint Theory, which lays emphasis on the station in which a human being is placed and from which he or she views the world. My standpoint has affected the way I view the world around me, and how I adopt to the society of which I am a part. It also influences my social construct of the world around me, with and without the special human being who has been the anchor of my life. I also realize that our world is so apart which means his standpoint must be different from mine, but we still connect through symbolic interaction which transcends our social standing. Standpoint Theory gives my relationship a starting point from the feminist viewpoint, how to work around the world to safeguard my situation and still evolve with the richness of the relationship.

I have undergone the experience of my relationship from attachment to understanding of the systematic interaction on the physical plane. This has provided the basis with scientific inquiry presented through the System Theory and finally the answers in the symbolic interaction and social exchange aspect of relationship. Together this has given me a true understanding of my position in the light of the social construct which gives me power to use the information to safeguard an intangible relationship. I have lived and traveled the journey through the barriers and the obstacles of living in a society. The above mentioned theories give a new dimension and focus on the nature of the relationship in which I am involved with greater awareness of the tools of communication. The application of these theories in the light of the purely unusual romantic relationship has found a valid foundation for understanding and expression. An understanding of these theories has helped me understand the wide nature of my relationship based on scholarly presentation of sociological, psychological and personal expectations. This understanding and information helps me understand my position in this world and in relation to my personal relationship more fully. I understand my standpoint and it gives me better understanding of the mature give and take which is the only means of interactive communication. I also understand and am in better position to predict the future consequences in light of his situation and social situation. I have the tools which allow me to see the big picture more clearly with understanding and knowledge. I find the intermingling and merger of the theories in my relationship making it more complex and difficult to track with anyone formula.

The significance of this relationship in my personal growth has been acknowledged.  The knowledge of the theories leads to wider understanding of the feeling and the concepts which have been verified and tested. This exposure in the light of the experience which is very personal makes my personal experience universal. The theories represent universal observations and facts which have been studied and evaluated over time, but it holds true in my personal experience as well. I feel strengthened by the knowledge that I have basis, a concrete basis for my relationship which can be symbolic or social depending on the social construct. I am dedicated to the harmony felt in the systematic theory which gives my experience a more spiritual tone and direction. The phenomena described in the theories are important as they provide an authentic description and acknowledgment of the theories; which is in harmony with my experience. The exposure to the philosophical, sociological, psychological and social aspect of the theory is enriching and has substantial impact in strengthening the communication process. Communication is the key to any interaction, and personal relationships are the portrayal of how effective the tools of communication have been in transforming the relationship. The success of relationship is inherent in clear and effective communication and the theories discussed provide deep insight into the tools of communication. My personal relationship is a successful example of forthright and open communication, which crosses all barriers of nation, continent and culture.

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