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Research paper good topics

Jun 22, 2018

One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician's objective. Election and power are. Cal Thomas

good research paper topicWhen you look for a good research paper topic, you can easily become the severest critic of any proposed idea. Some topics do not interest you in the very least, while others might shock your teachers. Where is the golden mean? Check out this list of top 40 research paper questions and you will definitely find among them a captivating and inspiring idea for you.

Good Research Paper Topics Do Not Grow on Trees

Surely, it is easier to find a good research paper topic, than to think of one from scratch. However, it might not be that easy to find topics - truly good research questions do not grow on trees. So don’t miss this opportunity and choose your topic from these great ideas:

  1. Are cell phones bad for your health?
  2. Is homosexuality genetic?
  3. Advertising: information vs. manipulation.
  4. Should businesses be ethical?
  5. Is it possible to replace animal testing with other types of testing?
  6. How to throw away our “throw-away” lifestyles?
  7. Should developed countries help Africa?
  8. Who is to blame for the European debt crisis?
  9. Is the arms race over now?
  10. Is China a new superpower?
  11. Should students receive salaries during their studies?
  12. Can standard tests measure something meaningful, apart from students’ short-term memory?
  13. Does access to condoms in high schools encourage teen sex?
  14. Are social networks good or bad for teens?
  15. Does Internet need censorship?
  16. Is there a glass ceiling in today’s society?
  17. Should prostitutes have their own labor unions?
  18. Is it possible to eliminate the black market?
  19. What is the solution to the problem of human trafficking?
  20. Online banking: pros and cons.

Good Topics for Research Papers to Grab Everyone’s Attention

Do you want to grab everyone’s attention? Discover even more good research paper questions below:

  1. Are fast food restaurants or fast food eaters to blame for obesity?
  2. Is food labeling effective in controlling one's calories intake?
  3. Should parents punish their children for disobedience?
  4. Should spanking be outlawed?
  5. Isn’t the gap year between high school and college a waste of time?
  6. Has the “American dream” changed over the last decades?
  7. Can religious beliefs justify terrorism?
  8. Do people need a single world religion?
  9. Can racial profiling be useful?
  10. Islamophobia after 9/11.
  11. Emotional difficulties and eating disorders.
  12. Ways to encourage organ donation.
  13. Should mothers of Siamese twins have an abortion?
  14. The problem of personal identity in twins.
  15. Does their parents’ divorce have long-term consequences for children?
  16. Gender roles or gender stereotypes: where is the line?
  17. Is too much competition harmful to students?
  18. Do men need protection against feminists?
  19. What should be done about noise pollution?
  20. Should people study body language?

Impress your teachers by using any of these fresh and truly good research project ideas. Writing good research papers does not need to be difficult. Now that you have a brilliant idea, you are half way to your stunning success.

Creating Unique and Interesting Research Paper Topics

When it comes to researching and finding research paper topics, this is something that many students struggle with. You need to plan upfront and it can take time and research as well especially to come up with interesting research paper topics. One of the biggest downfalls that come from trying to determine what to write a paper on is the fact that it can take some time and a lot of planning as well. You need to have an outline as well to make sure that you touch on all points of the topic you choose to write about. Choosing topics for research papers can take some time, and here are a few ways to help you choose the one that is just right.

Good Research Paper Topics

There are a number of good research paper topics that many students have decided to write on these days. Depending on the type of class you are writing for, here are the top 20 that some students have written on:

These research paper ideas are just a few that you can choose to write about if you are given the freedom to choose the topic you write on. When it comes to choosing topics for a research paper there are several options to choose from and you want something that is unique while being able to write well-defined information.

Easy Research Paper Topics

While you may want to write on something easy and generic, chances are this will get you a lower grade than if you were to write a research paper that goes more into detail. You want a research paper topic that you can research on and find interesting facts on. Take some time to research the internet for information before you choose research paper topics and you may even find that fun research paper topics are going to be more interesting to write on. Some sites give you 100 research paper topics that you can pick and choose from to help get you started.

While you want to keep your time frame in mind you don’t want to choose topics that are generic or too easy. Consider controversial research paper topics which can represent an argument from perhaps two different standpoints. If you are struggling to find topic ideas for research papers, we can help you out with this as well which is just one reason so many students use our writing service.

Start With Several Good Topics for Research Papers and Narrow Down

Consider writing a list of several topics that might interest you and slowly work your way down. Consider seeing how much time and research is required for each topic and if you are limited with time, consider narrowing down to research paper topics ideas that you can finish in the allotted time you have. Consider what the word count is and determine what topics can reach the word count and what ones may require more digging. These may need to be eliminated from your pool of ideas.

Consider Revising Your List of Research Paper Topics

As you begin writing your research paper, you may come across the need to revise your top research paper topics. You may find that it may not pan out the way you had thought so you will need to choose another topic to write about. This can be a sign that revising your ideas for research papers is needed in order to continue writing something that reads well and is what you need it to be. Make sure your paper has a thesis statement and that the term paper topics you choose can meet the main point of your thesis statement. If your research paper doesn’t meet your points, you may need to do some revisions or consider different interesting topics for research papers.

When it comes to finding research paper topic ideas you want to make sure that you can write on them with ease. The last thing great research paper topics should consist of is a hard time with research and more. You want to be able to get the paper written without getting too stressed out.

Some of the best research paper topics can take a while to come up with, and for others they can create interesting research paper topic ideas easy and fast. There are a number of schools that are lenient as far as what you write about so when you are developing your research paper topics list consider some of the more popular research paper topics and create a list from there. Don’t copy word for word, but look elsewhere to get some inspiration and to see how you can approach your research paper in different angles.

What is linguistics? It’s the study of language and how it’s put together. If you’re looking for good research paper topics for your linguistics, English or foreign languages classes, you can check out to find a scholarly article on linguistics, sociolinguistics, semantics or the people who have made contributions to the field.

Linguistics studies grammar, sentence structure, syntax, vocabulary, semantics, lexicon and phonology or the way words sound. There are many branches and fields of study in linguistics, including dialectology, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics and applied linguistics.

Where to find linguistics topics

In addition to, you can search the linguistics departments on college and university websites for information on areas of study and programs. You can also visit some linguistics websites including, which offers questions and answers, as well as various fields of study. Center for Applied Linguistics has practical applications of linguistics in society. and offer links to many other linguist sites in a variety of subfields.

Linguistics in society and culture

Speaking a language of unique sounds and grammar rules is something only humans do. “Linguistics is the perfect discipline for study at a liberal arts college because of its highly interdisciplinary nature. Since language is part of everything we do, it’s hard to find a discipline that can’t benefit from a linguistic perspective,” reported the Linguistics Department of Luther College in Iowa on its “Why study linguistics?” web page.

For example, research paper topics can describe how a social scientist uses the study of language, culture, ethnicity and social class in the study of psychology, sociology, anthropology and social work. Political science and business majors need linguistics to study the language of politics and corporate communication. Computer scientists need to understand how computers talk and talk to each other. Foreign language students learn the cross-cultural variation of languages.

Linguistic topics for research papers

There are many branches of linguistics to study and write about for term papers. Check out’s Linguistics page for some suggestions for research paper topics. Here are some more ideas:

Semantics – the meanings behind the words we use. Just ask a politician, oil executive, cable news host or high-powered Wall Street trader. Semantics studies the meanings in words, word phrases, “talking points,” implications of words, emotional intent and actionable words.

Sociolinguistics – the reasons why we choose the words we do. It’s the study of language in social context and language variation. Societies, ethnic groups, social classes, geographic regions and even age all influence the type of words and nuanced language we speak.

A research paper topic in sociolinguistics could be studying dialects around the country. For example, Stanford University’s sociolinguistics major offers fieldwork programs. “We have begun to document the English dialects of California… [Students] visit a community in California to interview as large and diverse an assortment of residents as we can. [Then we] work with the data we’ve already collected before going to a new site,” according to the “Welcome to the Stanford Sociolinguistics!” website.

Historical linguistics – the study of how a language changes over time. Any student of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English knows how English has changed over 600 years. Less encompassing could be a study of how American English has changed since the 1800s. Or you could study how today’s written language has changed in the age of Twitter, texting and Facebook – OMG, LMAO!

Famous linguists

A good research paper topic would be to profile the notable people who have contributed to the study of linguistics. For example, Noam Chomsky, “who has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1955, developed a theory of transformational (sometimes called generative or transformational-generative) grammar that revolutionized the scientific study of language,” found on

Other notable linguists include Julia Kristeva, a professor at the University of Paris Diderot who has published on psychoanalysis, literary theory, semiotics, abjection and intertexuality in linguistics, and cultural theory. Benjamin Lee Whorf, linguist and anthropologist, made substantial contributions to the study of the Mayan and Aztec languages.

Check out’s Language and Linguistics library and the Linguistics page which have topics such as linguistic anthropology, philology, metalanguages, philosophy of language and notable men and women who study linguistics.

What branch of linguistics would you like to study?

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