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Research paper ideas for special education

May 27, 2018

From Concept to Practice: Beginning Teachers' Reflections on the Education of Linguistically-Diverse Students

This page contains:

1. Core Features for an Action Research Project

All of the examplar projects meet the following criteria:

1. A Consistent Internal
    Logic 2. Connections to the
    Literature 3. Data Collection and
    Findings 4. Reflections 5. Implications

2. The following action research projects were selected during Winter 2003 to provide exemplars of the possible range for teachers' action research project. The exemplar projects are arranged on this page according to the sample selected for the study and then, further sub-divided according to the manner of data collection.

I. Case Study of Individual Student(s)
A) More of a Qualitative Approach to Data Collection Used

B) Case Study of Individual Student(s) -- More of a Quantitative Approach Used

II. A Study within One Class
A) More of a Qualitative Approach Used

B) Study within One Class -- More of a Quantitative Approach Used

III. A Study across Several Classes
A) More of a Qualitative Approach Used

B) Across Several Classes -- More of a Quantative Approach Used

3. For additional guidance as you write up your action research project, refer to the Styles Template:
   Styles Template PDF or Styles Template Word.

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