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Thesis manuscript writing for kindergarten

May 31, 2018

The following guidelines apply to formatting your thesis (for a master's degree), dissertation (for a doctoral degree), or manuscript (for the DPTSc) degree.

General Formatting

Use a font that is easy to read. Times, Times New Roman, or Arial (11 or 12 point) are safe choices.

Every page of your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript must have a one-inch margin on all sides, top, bottom, left, and right. The only element that may be placed outside of the one-inch margin is the page number, which should print no closer than one-half inch from the edge of the paper.

Double spacing should be used except in those places where conventional usage calls for single spacing such as footnotes, indented quotations, and tables. This includes the abstract and dedication pages.


Orientation and Page Size

Charts, Figures, Illustrations
All images and illustrations must appear within the required one-inch page margins. When scanning or saving images, be sure to set the resolution for at least 300 dpi.

Using Previously Published Materials
With the approval of your committee and graduate program, material that you have previously published may be accepted as part of a thesis or dissertation. The published material must meet all formatting requirements, which may necessitate reduction of the published material. (See more information on using previously published materials.)

Assembling the Document Elements

Preliminary Pages
Put the preliminary elements in the following order:

  1. Title page: Download the appropriate title page form from the forms section of this website. Fill in your name and graduate program on the title page. Be sure to give your name as it appears on all official UCSF documents. Your committee members should sign the title page in black or blue ink. The title page is counted as page i, but the page number should not appear at the bottom. Once this page has been signed by your committee you will need to scan it and add it to your dissertation as the first page.
  2. Copyright page: Insert a blank, numbered page, for page number ii, if you are not filing a copyright. If you are planning to register a copyright, a statement of copyright must be included on this page. The format should be:

    Copyright 2016
    Albert Einstein

  3. Dedication and acknowledgments: You may wish to acknowledge the help and support from particular people during the course of your work. If you are using published material, you may need to include a reference to the publication in which the material originally appeared, including co-authors, multiple published papers, or copyrighted material.
  4. Abstract: The abstract should not be longer than 350 words. The "abstract" field in the ProQuest interface will truncate the abstract if it exceeds this word limit. However, your actual abstract, i.e. the abstract you upload as a pdf within your document) may be as long as you need it to be. The title of your dissertation and your name should appear at the top center of the page. The abstract should include a brief statement of the problem, a description of the methods and procedures used to gather data or study the problem, and a condensed summary of the findings.
  5. Table of contents: The table of contents should consist of the chapter titles and page numbers (this page should be double spaced).
  6. List of tables: The list of tables, if applicable, should be in the same format as the table of contents, i.e. the names/numbers of the tables, and corresponding page numbers (this page should be double spaced).
  7. List of figures and/or Illustrations: The list of illustrations, if applicable, should also be in the same format as the table of contents, giving the figure or illustration names/numbers and corresponding page numbers (this page should be double spaced).

Main Body
Place the following elements, which make up the main body of your document, in the following order after the preliminary pages listed above:

The first page of the main body of the manuscript should be numbered with Arabic numeral “1” and all subsequent pages (including those with charts, graphs, illustrations, photographs, the bibliography, appendices, and library release form) should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numerals (2, 3, 4, 5 and so on).

Footnotes, citations, and bibliographic references may vary by graduate program. Consult your committee for the footnote style used by your program.

This section will contain supporting material. You may need to reduce the size of some material to fit within the margins. Appendices must be numbered in consecutive order as part of the main body of the manuscript. For example, if the last page of your text is 101, then the appendix should begin on page 102.

UCSF Library Release
Download the Library Release form, print it out, and sign it. Then, scan it and add this as the last page of your document (include a page number on this page). OR you may copy and paste the text below and use it to create the last page of your document:

Publishing Agreement

It is the policy of the University to encourage the distribution of all theses, dissertations, and manuscripts. Copies of all UCSF theses, dissertations, and manuscripts will be routed to the library via the Graduate Division. The library will make all theses, dissertations, and manuscripts accessible to the public and will preserve these to the best of their abilities, in perpetuity.

I hereby grant permission to the Graduate Division of the University of California, San Francisco to release copies of my thesis, dissertation, or manuscript to the Campus Library to provide access and preservation, in whole or in part, in perpetuity.

Author Signature______________________________________________ Date __________________

(This final page must be signed and dated and should be numbered.)

You can also see more information on publishing your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript. Or go back to the general guidelines on submitting your document.

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