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Thesis statement example for compare and contrast essay

Jun 14, 2018

How To Write A Compare And Contrast Thesis

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Thesis

Before I explain to you how to write a compare and contrast thesis, let me tell you a little bit about what a thesis statement is and what compare and contrast papers are.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is like the heart of the essay. Without it, the essay is lifeless and quite aimless. A thesis statement is written in the introduction and it clearly and unequivocally states what the argument or topic of the essay is going to be.

The introduction along with the thesis statement is the start of a potential ongoing relationship with your reader. If you cannot hold your reader's attention at this point, he or she will simply skip reading the essay. The introduction is never left out; depending on the quality of the introduction and the thesis statement the body of the essay might or might not be read.

Functions of a thesis statement

So, it is imperative that you embed an eye-catching thesis in your introduction.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

A compare and contrast essay, as the name suggests, consists of comparing and contrasting topics (usually two; however, there could be more than two topics given).

Examples of compare and contrast paper topics

Now, you can understand how a thesis statement for a compare and contrast paper will be different from that of another format of essay. I hope this article gives you some insight on how to write a compare and contrast thesis

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Thesis

Writing a thesis statement for a compare and contrast paper can challenge even the best of writers and hence it makes sense to have a few templates at your disposal. You can use any of them when you are given compare/contrast essay or paper assignments.

Compare and Contrast Template # 1

The similarities (or differences) between (subject # 1) and (subject # 2) are so marked (or prominent or fascinating) that they deserve to be examined in more detail (or deserve deeper investigation or merit more debates or call for enhanced study)

Here are some examples for the above template:

Compare and Contrast Template # 2

Although there are (or despite there being) a few minor (or trivial or superficial) differences (or similarities) between (subject # 1) and (subject # 2), the similarities (or differences) stand out remarkably (or are unambiguously clear or clearly distinguishable).

Here are some examples for the above template:

Compare and Contrast Template # 3

While some differences (or similarities) between (subject # 1) and (subject # 2) are noticeable (or seen or evident), the similarities (or differences) are salient (or striking or pronounced).

Here are some examples for the above template:

While the above templates would fit well for most thesis statement, there are many more ways you can make yours stand out and be uniquely eye-catching. The options are only limited by your own creativity.

Some more tips on how to write a compare and contrast thesis

Include the names of the subjects or topics which are being compared and contrasted

Indicate clearly whether you are going to focus on the similarities, the differences or are you going to focus on both.

In your thesis statement, you can show reader why one subject is better than the other. For example, "Dogs are better pets than cats because they show their love and affection much better than cats."

You can list out the similarities or difference between the two subjects in your thesis statement. For example, Tokyo and New York are great cities to live in but differ quite significantly in terms of living conditions, job opportunities, and social environment.

Show the differences and similarities between the two subjects in the thesis statement. For example, while both To Kill a Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye explore sibling relationships, the former is centered on racism whereas the latter focuses on class prejudices.

Final Notes

Writing a compare and contrast essay thesis is like facing the dual challenges of climbing a steep cliff with a huge rucksack on your back for added pressure in the feat. You have to take care not to slip on any of the jagged edges of the cliff and you have to ensure that the rucksack you are carrying reaches the top safely. Yet, with patience, diligence, and hard work, you can definitely be able to write that perfect thesis statement for a compare and contrast paper.

Even with all the tips and templates or for some other reason you are struggling to write the thesis statement and/or entire paper itself, contact Prescott Papers for help. Our experts are always ready to give you a helping hand.

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There are many different kinds of essays you will have to write as a student. One of these is a compare and contrast essay. This lesson will provide you with a brief description of this type of essay and several thesis statement examples.

Compare and Contrast

A compare and contrast essay is a type of writing in which you explain the similarities and differences between two things. These could be characters from books, events in history, foods, arguments, or many other topics. As with any essay type, it is important to begin your compare and contrast essay with a thesis statement- a statement that clearly states the main idea of your writing and outlines your most salient points.

This lesson will provide several examples of thesis statements that might be used to start a compare and contrast essay. The examples will use a few different topics to help illustrate what kinds of things you might write a compare and contrast essay about.

Thesis Statement Examples

While some people prefer to keep cats as house pets, there is also a large group of people who prefer dogs. Many people believe that cats are a better pet because they clean themselves, do not need to be taken out for walks, and are generally calmer than dogs. However, dog lovers feel that dogs are more fun to play with, give love more easily, and are more loyal. They both make good pets, but for different reasons.

While both the Civil War and the Revolutionary War were primarily fought to help a certain group of people win their freedom, the two wars differ in a variety of ways. Both wars were fought on American soil, both were fought to help liberate a group of people, and both wars had huge impacts on history. However, the wars differed in the tactics used by both sides, who was involved in the fighting, and what caused them. While these wars were fought in different times of American history, you will see how much they have in common.

'Paper or plastic' is a common question to hear when grocery shopping, and both types of bags have their benefits and drawbacks, but one is clearly more preferable. Paper is sturdier, can hold heavier and more objects, but is harder to carry. Plastic carries fewer items, is not as environmentally friendly, but is generally easier to carry and transport. By observing the differences between the two types of bags, you will be able to see that using paper is preferable to using plastic.

Whereas e-books provide a new kind of convenience for readers, many people still prefer to use traditional printed books. Some argue that paper books have a certain nostalgia that makes them more enjoyable to read, are easier to make notations in, and are an important part of culture. The e-book side argues that they are more convenient, easier to read in a variety of lighting, and cut down on the amount of stuff you have to carry when traveling. Both kinds of reading are ultimately enjoyable, though for different reasons.

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